Chapter 14: Change is BestMature

Chris ~

A knock on my door knocked me out of my dazing out; I removed my headphones and walked over to my bedroom door. I opened the door to a completely different looking Zoey. She now had completely different hair that was a mixture of light and dark brown hair with a few streaks of blonde in it, while wearing a short black dress, with lace down the side. Her hair for once was pencil straight and she was wearing make-up that brought out her eyes. She held shopping bags all down her arms. She looked even more breathtaking and I couldn’t say anything for a moment.

“Hey did Dad talk to you?” she asked and leaned against the doorframe.

“Uh, yeah, I did when we were out getting your ring. Said something about a company crisis and that he and your mom were leaving to go back until ‘the matter is settled’” I said and put quotation marks up as I quoted him.

“Yeah, mom took me shopping today and insisted I get my hair done. It was perfect timing for my date tonight” she said smiling kindly. “Wow, I am sorry, are you okay with dating other people. I mean considering our whole past…” she said and covered her mouth.

“You said to pretend it never happened, you had sex with Ryan right after, so what’s it matter you going on dates? We were never anything and we aren’t really getting married for real” I spoke slowly, my own words stabbing me on the way out.

“Right” she said and frowned. After a moment of silence, she sighed. “Tomorrow, do you want to meet with the wedding planner? I am not sure what you have planned for Sunday, but if you are free we can meet the wedding planner and possibly get a bite to eat after?” she asked and smiled flashing a set of white teeth.

“I’ll do you one better… What do you say we watch a movie together? I know Aliens from Mars 6 just went to the theatres. Nothing better than a cheesy horror movie… My treat” I said and she nodded excited.

“I would love it! Oh my God. But I got lunch” she narrowed her eyes at me and smirked.

“If you don’t mind me asking, who are you going on a date with?” I asked and she looked down and kicked one stiletto wearing foot into the other.

“Uh… Sam” she croaked and I laughed a mixture of angry and shock.

“Well, tell him I said hey” I said as I tried to keep my cool.

“Right” she said again and walked towards her room. I paused for a moment, and chuckled remembering hitting him at the club. I closed my door and plopped on my bed. I pulled out my phone and dialed Lexi’s number.

“Hello?” she asked slowly and I looked at my phone confused by the greeting.

“Lexi?” I asked and she giggled. “You’re drunk” I stated and she giggled some more.

“No…” she slurred and I shook my head. “Hey gimme that back” I heard her yell and a rustle came through the phone.

“Are you a good friend of hers” a man’s voice came over the phone.

“Yeah, I am her best friend” I stated, thrown off by the man’s voice.

“Could you pick her up? She is too drunk to drive, and she insists on driving out tonight. She’s been throwing a fit to get her keys to leave and I keep refusing it. I am the bartender at Carrigans” he told and I groaned grabbing my keys.

“Yeah I will be there shortly” I said and disconnected the phone call. I threw on a plaid button up and quickly buttoned my shirt as I headed out of the apartment.


I walked in and looked at Lexi who was standing on the bar, a bottle in one hand and the other hand rubbing down her body. A few men stood around the bar, pleading for her to show them more. She turned as soon as the door closed and smiled.

“You are here, my savior” she said slurring and smiled walking on the bar towards me before slipping and falling on her back on the bar. The bartender groaned and looked at me.

“I'm okay!” she screamed and held the bottle up. “And I didn’t spill a drop” she announced popping her lips at the word drop.

“You gave her more alcohol?” I asked astounded and pissed.

“She took it when I wasn’t looking” he said wiping down a glass. “You going to pay her tab” he asked and I gave him a dirty look.

“I’ll pay for everything but that bottle, that’s on you” I snapped and reached for her bill. I groaned seeing the total being over 50 dollars. I grabbed her purse and found she had enough to pay for it luckily. I handed him her money, snatched the keys from behind the bar, and grabbed Lexi and cradled her to me like a baby leaving the bar quickly with the men groaning behind me. I cautiously opened the door to my car and put her in it.

I ran around to the driver’s side before she got a brilliant idea to get over to try and drive. I quickly started my car, with a roar and she looked over and smiled. “My savior” she mumbled. The car ride was silent on the way to her apartment until she looked at me with a serious face.

“What's Zoey up to? Did I interrupt the stupid love fest?” she asked angry and stared at me, waiting. I laughed, and thought about it. Over the past week, we decided, actually, I decided, to get over it and move on. We were civil and friendly to each other, even though it was torturing me, I realized I would rather see her happy over being angry and be her friend versus me continue moping over someone who never was mine.

“No, she’s on a date with Sam” I responded and she laughed.

“What is just so good about her?” she sneered and I turned surprised by the hostility.

“What do you mean?” I asked and she rolled her eyes.

“You are head over heels for her and all she does is walk on you and break your heart. And suddenly you want to let go of the past and be her best friend? I am your best friend, I am the girl you are supposed to…” she stopped and turned away.

“Supposed to what?” I asked and she groaned.

“Nothing” she snapped as we pulled into a parking spot in front of her apartment. She opened the door and stormed in purse smacking her thigh as she stumbled into the building; I hastily turned off the car and chased after her.

She clumsily ran up the stairs and I ran after her up the stairs, frustrated by how the night is turning out. This is ridiculous. She ran to her apartment door and searched for her keys in her purse; realizing that I had them, she turned glaring at me.

I unlocked the door and she threw her purse as she headed to her bedroom, immediately plopped on the bed. She lay on her back and stretched, her hands reaching out to grab a pillow. I walked towards her bedroom and leaned against the doorframe. She groaned realizing I was still there.

“What” she snapped and sat up on the bed.

“What was I supposed to do?” I asked and she rubbed her face. She slapped her thighs and rubbed her hands down them.

“Supposed to love me like I love you. Like you and apparently everyone else, freaking love Zoey. I have loved you for years. I was going to tell you, but you slept with Zoey, and loved Zoey. Now you wanna be her friend and you’re just going to fall for her and be with her. It is such a stupid idea.” She paused and said nothing for a moment. “Do you see how it’s worked for me? Just love me Chris and you won’t ever get hurt” she groaned and stared at her feet refusing to look at me.

“I don’t love Zoey” I said and walked closer to her. I was shocked by Lexi’s words, but once I thought about it, I could believe them.

“Jesus, that’s all you can say” she snapped and put her face in her hands, her elbows propped on her thighs. “She's on a date with Sam! She's going to be with him at the end, she will never love you. You will never be Sam, no matter what you do. Don’t you get that? He cheated on her and left her for her best friend… and she’s going on a date with him still? Do you really think she will ever love you?” she screamed and I winced at her words. Her words felt like they stabbed me in my chest, leaving a hole in my chest. “I may be drunk but you know I am right” she snapped.

“You’re wrong, I don’t love her. And I never want to be with her” I said and continued walking towards her, her words kicking me in the stomach each step.

“Really? I find that hard to believe” she sneered and I nodded. “Prove it” she stated. I grabbed her legs and pulled her towards the end of the bed. She gasped but said nothing for once. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back. “Chris I…” she said and I shushed her. She immediately closed her mouth but waited. I leaned in and kissed her, our mouths moving together slowly and a moan escaped her lips as I moved my mouth down her cheek and then down her neck. I slowly reached down and lifted off her shirt. She reached forward and unbuckled my belt slowly before removing it.

“Is this really happening?” she asked as I moved her body up the bed.

“Yes… Now no more talking” I said before continuing.

The End

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