Chapter 13: Hoedown ThrowdownMature


“Another, another” the redhead chanted and poured me another shot. I smiled dumbly, watching as the blurry face moved around. I took a shot of the mysterious strong liquid pounding the counter tops as my throat burned.

This afternoon one of the Security Guards from Electric Pulse asked me to come to his party to get me out of my funk. My parents won tickets to a cruise and decided to take a month long vacation which has now turned into an almost three month vacation and when they come back they would work on Chris and I’s ‘wedding’. But Chris hasn’t spoken to me in a long time, except to tell me he never wants to talk to me again and that he wishes he never met me.  He said more but every time I think about it, I go into a huge depression and shut everyone out.

Fighting back tears I turned back to the redhead who’s been asking me to take shots with him all night. “I am… gonna take a breaksies – I will be back for you later mister” I slurred and poked his chest. He laughed and poked me back, making me stumble backwards into another person.

“Jesus Christ, whore, watch where you're going” the person I had stumbled into snapped and I covered my mouth before giggling again. “Zoey” the girl asked, her face was so blurry I couldn’t make it out.

“Who the hell are you… whore” I demanded slurring back and imitating the way the girl had said ‘whore’.

“You’re wasted honey” she said and suddenly I started to recognize her as Lexi.

“Oh shi-” my eyes got widened as I realized who it was. “I feel bad” I said as my stomach churned, my shots catching up with me.

“Let’s get you outside, you look like you’re going to be sick at any moment” she said and wrapped my arm around her shoulders to support me; the room swayed and zigzagged as we went outside.

We walked outside and she led me to a corner behind the house where I was able to get sick without anyone seeing. She held back my hair and rubbed my back trying to comfort me as I threw up what felt like every organ.

“You feel better” she asked and I nodded. She helped me walk towards a bench and we sat there for a moment. My head swarming and woozy, I leaned forward and placed my head in my hands. The silence outside was nice versus the loud chatter of people trying to communicate over the music blasting out of the speakers all over the house. I felt a lot more sober but with a headache. I couldn’t walk the greatest but it beats how drunk I was before I started throwing up.

“Can I ask you a personal question Zoey” she asked and I turned slowly, the world barely spinning anymore as I did and I just nodded before putting my head back in my hand. My head was throbbing. “Why would you sleep with Ryan after having slept with Chris? It really crushed him especially having to hear it.” She asked and I furrowed my face.

“What the hell are you talking about?” I turned and she looked at me confused and this was starting to sober me up.

“That day you told your parents you and Chris were engaged, you and Ryan had sex and he had to hear you scream and moan and the bed thump” she said and I shook my head in disgust.

“No, that day I told Chris that I needed air, I was supposed to have a date with Ryan that night, but I wanted air. I needed to breathe, I just told my parents that the man I was starting to fall for, that now hates me, I was engaged to. I needed to breathe and think about where I should go from here. Anyway, that night I drove to the lake and stayed there to think the whole night, I didn’t come back until the next day. I had cancelled my date with Ryan and told him that I thought he was a nice guy but I was starting to like Chris. When I came back from the lake I asked Chris out and all he did was tell me to go to Hell. Wasn’t long after that that sometime that week Ryan was ‘dating’ my sister” I said and Lexi didn’t say anything for a minute. “Don’t tell Chris that I was falling for him, it will only make him probably hate me more than he already does” I said crying, my chest beginning to heave at the thought.

“You never slept with Ryan?” she asked and I shook my head.

“God no, I don’t even think we kissed” I said laughing through the tears. “Anyway, the Meyer Grant ends in a few months, so he will never have to see me again after we go our separate ways. He will be happy with that and that’s all that matters” I said and began crying again. I am apparently an emotional drunk. “But he heard someone having sex that night with Ryan in my bed” I thought and my eyes widened. “That slut has been sleeping with him in my bed?” I screamed and stood up clumsily, and completely pissed.

“Is there any way you can drive me to my house, my ride was the guy throwing this party and I don’t think he is sober” I asked and she nodded as I had my fists balled ready to kill my sister. We immediately headed towards her car leaving this party. She walked towards a black BMW M3 and I looked around. “This is your car” I asked in shock and she nodded, my mouth dropping in surprise.

I jumped in excited to be in the BMW. “So I probably shouldn’t be telling you, but Chris believed it especially since Ryan told him that day that he was going to have sex with you to piss Chris off and make you scream his name. And then after you left that day, your sister was ranting how she couldn’t believe that you would screw Ryan and made it loud to hurt Chris the way you did since you guys were engaged and all that. I don’t remember the rest she had told Chris but she said a lot” She looked away and my fists balled only getting angrier.

“That whore was in on it, I am going to kill her. She did this on purpose, she tried to wreck my life” I sneered and smacked my fist against my leg, angry. If this is what people describe as seeing red, I believe it. Every part of my body was ready to fight her. This was the night I kill my sister and go to jail. My whole body was shaking and my fingers were so clenched in my fist that my nails had dug into my palms until my palms were bleeding. A drop of blood landed on my jeans but I didn’t care, this wasn’t going to be the last drop of blood tonight. I couldn’t believe how long of a drive this was.

“Only a few more minutes I swear” she said and I nodded pulling my hair into a ponytail.  “Look just throw her stuff out, don’t fight her. If you go to jail you will lose the Meyer Grant. I know you had to have worked hard for the Grant” she begged and I shook my head. I couldn’t, I just couldn’t ignore the fact that my sister intentionally did this. To intentionally cause me pain to this level; yeah she’s caused me pain before but never to this level. She pulled into a parking spot and I opened the door flying out. She turned her car off after I jumped out and I heard her calling someone.

“Chris! Are you home?” a pause “Okay, just be prepared to…” I didn’t hear anymore because I was already in the building running up the stairs. I was unstoppable, my legs were on fire. I slammed open the door and my sister jumped and turned towards me.

“Hey sis” she said nervously, surprised by my anger.

“Sis? What sister sleeps with a dude in their bed, and to intentionally do it to cause both me and the guy I care about pain” I said getting in her face. Her eyes widened and she slid back on the floor.

“I can explain” she said but before she could finish I was on top of her swinging. My first fist hit her in the jar causing her head to knock back against the floor, but I continued swinging my fists into her face. She squirmed and knocked me off; she smiled with her busted lip and crawled over. As she was getting ready to get on me, I kicked her in the stomach as hard as I could which sent her flying back into the wall. I got up and grabbed her leg, ready to drag her where I had more space to beat her. Then, her other leg came flying up and she kicked me in the face, hitting my nose.

I grabbed a handful of her hair swinging a couple of times while she swung up and hit me in the stomach hard, but I was unfazed by it, as I continued to hit her in my blind rage. I punched her in the face again, harder this time and she screamed in pain. I was going to hit her again but I was pulled back and fell down. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Chris reaching for me again trying to break up the fight. I walked over to my sister and she swung so quick that I didn’t see it coming, I fell onto the ground and my sister got on top of me and hit me again and again. I moved my arm out of her grip and punched the side of her face hitting her cheek bone. She groaned in pain and stumbled off of me holding her cheek. I pinned her down again, but more securely and began hitting her face over and over. She squirmed over and over but there was no point I was not moving. “Stop please” she begged, but I continued, in my blind rage. Suddenly I was hoisted up and back, something strong wrapped around my waist holding me back. I realized it as Chris’ arm wrapped around my stomach and Lexi ran over to Becca separating us. I tried fighting Chris’ grip but I couldn’t, I groaned and tried kicking and hitting him but nothing, he didn’t budge. Chris carried me to my room and threw me on the bed then quickly closed the door behind him. I tried turning the doorknob but it wouldn’t budge. I banged on the door but nothing happened.

The door opened a few minutes later and I looked around, but all of Becca’s stuff was gone. “Where is she” I asked angry and they shook her head.

“She's staying at Ryan’s from now on” Lexi said and walked over with a napkin. That’s when I noticed my nose was still bleeding. I dabbed my nose with the napkin and noticed my shirt had blood on it. I groaned and tried to get some of the blood off – no luck. Chris stared at me and I turned away, headed towards the kitchen. I grabbed some ice cream and a bag of frozen peas and walked back towards my room, slamming the door behind me.


I disconnected the call shaking my head. Lexi tried warning me that Zoey was going to beat Becca but I didn’t believe her. Zoey was not a fighter, she would probably yell at her. A door slammed open and I turned. I heard them talking and I laughed. Called it, geez Lexi is paranoid. Besides its Zoey’s problems, not mine, I don’t want anything to do with her and both Lexi and Zoey knew that. I played some music on my stereo and tried cleaning my room, until I heard a scream. I put my music on pause and waited, hearing that something was going on. I opened my door to see Zoey with Becca’s hair in one hand while she continued to punch Becca with her other hand.

I ran over and pulled Zoey off but she had just fallen down; she got up quickly and walked over to her sister as I reached out to grab her. Becca got one on Zoey and knocked her down, Becca took this time to straddle her sister to start hitting her. Zoey was able to hit her back and Becca got off holding the cheek Zoey just hit. I was frozen, in shock, seeing a side of Zoey I had never seen before. I wanted to break this up because it was the right thing to do but the male side of me was like watch the chicks fight! I was dazed by the sight!  Her sister began to beg pathetically for Zoey to stop and I snapped out of it. I quickly went over and hoisted Zoey up wrapping my arm around Zoey as tight as I could without hurting her. Lexi ran over and made sure Becca didn’t try to continue the fight. Zoey continued to try and fight my grip, but nothing worked, not the kicking or the hitting. I threw her onto her bed and closed the door behind me while Lexi helped Becca grab her things to head out. I held the door knob in place so Zoey couldn’t get out. She banged on the door but I just laughed instead.

“Where are you headed” Lexi asked and she turned towards us. Her face was a mixture of black and blue bruises. One eye was already swollen and the other had just started to turn purple. Her cheekbone was completely swollen and both of her lips were busted and swollen. Her nose was still bleeding, and it looked broken. Zoey really did one on her. It looked like everything was just bruised except for the nose; luckily it will probably be gone in a week or so.

“Ryan’s” she said and walked out, carrying her stuff clumsily out. The door closed behind her and I let Zoey out of her room. She had a busted lip, one swollen eye, and her nose was still bleeding but not broken.  I wanted to comfort her, watch as the bruises disappeared, be there, but I couldn’t, she caused me too much pain, and she never wanted me to be with me. It felt like a punch in the stomach when I remembered that fact, but I ignored it.

 “Where is she” she asked angry and both Lexi and I shook our heads indicating that Becca was already gone.

“She's staying at Ryan’s from now on” Lexi said and walked over with a napkin. She dabbed her nose with the napkin looked down at her blood stained shirt. She caught me looking at her and she quickly turned away. It felt like my heart sank and that I was punched me in the stomach again when she turned away. She headed towards the kitchen and grabbed some ice cream and a bag of frozen peas. Ignoring me, she walked towards her room and slammed the door behind her.

I turned and looked at Lexi, “care to explain” I asked and she just chuckled.

“You wouldn’t believe me” she responded and remembering the fight that just occurred I found it hard to believe.

“I probably would after seeing what just happened.” I went to the fridge and grabbed a beer opening it with the electric guitar magnet sitting on the fridge.

“Well she didn’t sleep with Ryan that night that was her sister; Zoey was at the lake all night. She had cancelled their date and told Ryan that she wanted you and apparently they had sex that night in her room both of them doing it to piss both of you guys off. Zoey tried asking you out and you told her to go to hell” Lexi explained and took my beer drinking it.

“Yeah you're right I wouldn’t believe it. I can’t believe you believed it too” I responded and Lexi sighed.

“I believe her. She really does care for you Chris” Lexi snapped and I just rolled my eyes. My phone went off and I checked it to see a text message from Zoey’s dad.

“Fantastic” I sneered and Lexi raised an eyebrow.

“They’re back in town and they want to meet with the wedding planner this Saturday” Zoey said from by her dad.

“Thanks Zoey, I got the same text message” I said and waved my phone. She rolled her eyes and went back into her room.

“You still going to do it” she asked and I nodded. “Alright… well I am going to go home, kind of tired. You should too, you have a busy weekend coming up in a couple days” she said and waved over her shoulder as she left.

Unfortunately, I do.

The End

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