Chapter 12: "Hey ladies, want some?"Mature

Chris ~

“You want to tell me why you told your parents think we are engaged” I asked and Zoey looked up biting her lip.

“It just came out of my mouth, the words were uncontrollable. I panicked, I am sorry Chris, we can cancel the fake wedding before they catch on, we fake break up” she said, ranting on, fumbling with her words. Tears escaped her eyes and slowly rolled down her cheek. I sat down next to her and placed an arm around her. My body yearned for more and images from the dock came back heating my body like a fire I have never felt before. What is going on with me?

“I need to get some air” she said and stood up slowly. I nodded and walked towards my room. I pulled out my phone and dialed my voice of reason, the only one who could make sense of this – Lexi. As the phone rang, I heard the front door open then close.

“Lexi” I said slowly and my own voice seemed a stranger to me. “Lexi, I need to talk to you” I sounded sad for some reason and the words Zoey said about fake breaking up punched me in the stomach.

“Honey are you okay?” her voice was rising and I sank to the ground. “Oh Jesus, you slept with her” she said. I said nothing but she knew. “You want to meet me at Carrigans? It’s a bar, very quiet, you will like it okay?”

“Yeah – text me the address” I disconnected the call as I stood up and changed into a pair of dark blue jeans and a black V-neck shirt. I admired myself in the mirror – I looked good. I flexed and smirked as I muscles tightened. Screw Zoey and her fake break up and the whole sex with her… It was just sex. Great, fantastic sex, but sex nonetheless. Memories flooded my head and I noticed my pants got a little tight. I looked down and realized I had to readjust. I reached down and readjusted so I wasn’t walking out, showing off. The memories reminded me and felt wrong as if it wasn’t just sex… But Zoey said to forget that it had ever happened…. So I shall…

I groaned at the internal battle of thing Zoey…. And not-hating Zoey. My phone went off and I checked it to find a text with the address. I grabbed a navy blue jacket and walked out, trying to push all thoughts out.

As I was locking up the apartment, my phone went off again. I checked it to see a text message from Ryan, I groaned as I read it.  ‘Broski, what is going on with you and your roommate? You give her a taste of her own medicine yet? Update?’

I responded almost immediately: ‘Dude, you can’t support my side while boning her.’ I shoved the keys and phone into my pocket as I walked onto the elevator. I pushed the 1 button right as a text came through.

‘Wow, Bro, so much for bros before hoes. You know I am just chasing after her until I bone her and then I am done with her’ he responded. The text infuriated me. I paced the elevator until it dinged and opened the doors.

I called him as soon as I got off the elevator. “Broski, what is up” he greeted, sounding high.

“Jesus Christ, do you have no regard for someone’s feelings? She just got out of a bad relationship and you just want to be with her long enough for her to spread her legs? You are so pathetic and selfish. You disgust me and I hope she sees how much of a dick you are” I sneered into the phone.

“Chris, Jesus f-ing Christ, we are exactly alike were until this hoe. You and I do one night stands all the time, why the hell are you acting like such an innocent person when you do the same? Grow a pair and realize how much of a hypocritical dick you are being. Is the reason you are being such a dick is because your mad you could never be in the league with her? Well just to let you know I am going to love screwing her, hearing her say my name and not yours. Go to Hell Chris you hypocritical prick. It’s a shame a dirty hoe like Zoey had to show me who my true friends are and show your colors. I’ll be doing it with her tonight, just because, so my warning is you shouldn’t go back to your apartment because I am going to make her SCREAM my name each and every time” he said before he disconnected the call. I yelled in anger and punched the wall, my hand going straight through the drywall.

I looked around and realized I was on the third floor, and I was completely oblivious to the people that must have gotten on when the doors had opened. I jammed my finger into the down button, rage engulfing me like a fire.

As soon as the elevator doors opened, I got on, ready to get fresh air.


“So, what you and Ryan are no longer friends?” she asked after I finished the story, telling her everything for once. I had lied the other day when I said I hadn’t slept with Zoey but now I was telling the truth to the only one who could make sense of it. I shook my head and looked around the bar. It was dimly lit, each booth was sectioned off. Each booth was on a foot high platform with deep blue booth cushions and a two foot high glass wall above the back of the booth that had an image etched into it truly giving privacy. It was quiet, except for the smooth piano music being performed by the pianist of the corner of the bar. It was relaxing and soothing.

“I think you have strong feelings for Zoey. At least from what I can tell, it seems that way” she proposed and I shrugged, not knowing how I felt. “You think that the having of a depressing pain from the breaking up of a fake relationship is normal? Jesus you’re weird in that case” she joked smiling. She set her brown hair over her shoulder, moving it out of her way as she leaned forward to take a sip of her fruity alcoholic drink.

“Every time she either wants to forget the sex or break up a fake relationship you just roll with it, why don’t you say how you feel” she asked and I laughed as I drank my beer.

“Because I'm a man not a woman” I responded coolly.

“What the hell does that have to do with anything?” she snapped laughing.

“Women talk about feelings and love”

“And men grunt and smack women with their clubs before taking them to their caves. Me Chris you Zoey. Whack. Now you come with me sexy woman and we have good sexy time” she grunted and beat her chest like an ape. I laughed and spat all of my drink out.

“What in the hell was that” I asked laughing and she narrowed her eyes at me.

“I real man. You little woman” she said and banged her fist against the table before bursting into laughter. After a good moment of nonstop laughter, she wiped her eyes and leaned back against the booth looking at the light that hung above the table.

“Just talk to her. I know she feels something for you. If you don’t tell her about your feelings at least tell her about Ryan before she gets hurt” she advised and sipped more of her drink.

“Okay, what should I do about the fake marriage thing?” She stretched and shook her head.

“End that soon. It’s the right thing to do. I know they’re messed up parents and all but if they are actually trying to do right by her, they don’t deserve that, they deserve the truth” she said and placed her hand over mine smiling gently.

My phone rang out and I checked it quickly my mind filling with an image of Zoey smiling.

“Jesus Christ, you are like a teenage girl” she snickered as I fumbled with my phone. I gave her a dirty look which only promoted her laughter. I checked it hastily only to find my rood ruined by the text message.

“What’s wrong” she asked and I held up my phone and she narrowed her eyes reading it. “Going on a date with Ryan, don’t stay up. Will be out for a while. Have a good night fake fiancé” she read and frowned at me.

“What do you say we have a drinking night” she asked and I paused to debate over it. I nodded and headed to the bar to pay our tab.


The music thumped, the DJ was playing a remixed version of ‘Summertime Sadness’ by Lana Del Ray. Lexi and I were dancing enjoying the music. Lights of various colors swirled over the crowd, it was extra club-like at the Electric Pulse, it felt as though we were at a rave, and it was incredible. I never felt so alive. We continued, our bodies moving together to the sound of the music keeping in rhythm. She separated from me and continued dancing, smiling and flipped her hair over her shoulder.

My shoulder was bumped and I turned thrown out of my daze. I blinked in shock to see the last person I expected to see.

“How is my ex-girlfriend? Still as psychotic as ever?” Sam asked smirking and I just turned my head confused.

“Why are you here?” I asked and Lexi was by my side, nosy as always.

“I heard there was a new hottie V.I.P. wanted to see if I could hit it” he smirked and reached a fist out, expecting me to fist bump him. He waited and then continued. “Her name is like Deer, or uh baby deer or something like that”

“Bambi” I sneered, still in shock.

“Yeah that’s it, have you tapped it” he asked and tried to fist bump me again.

“Retard, that’s your ex and she’s on a date” I snapped and his mouth dropped in shock. “Why are you worried about tapping that, you have Cassandra” I asked getting angrier.

“Cassandra was cheating on me, just found out, single man again” he smirked unfazed, and then turned towards a group of women behind us. “Hey ladies want some?” he thrusted his hips forward, humping the air. They looked at him disgusted and walked off. He shrugged in response and turned back towards us.

“Anyway, where is Zoey again, on a date? I want her back. I want it even more now that it’s V.I.P. meaning she’s got a V.I.P.A. that I just have to tap. She will come back, crawling, on her knees, when I say that I left Cassandra for her and realized I made a mistake. On her knees” he winked and I was almost to my tipping point.

“What exactly is the V.I.P.A. that you need to tap” Lexi asked curious.

“Means that my ex Zoey has a very important piece of a-” before he finished the last acronym word he was down on the ground. My fist had knocked into his face so quickly that neither he nor Lexi saw it coming. He lay on the ground; completely knocked out by the punch with which I had used full force on his face. Already his eye started to swell and become discolored. I chuckled victorious and pointed at him, beginning to laugh harder, it slowly becoming funnier and funnier the more I stared. Lexi turned towards me in shock, mouth agape by what I had just done. The people around us had barely noticed, lost in the music.

“Chris!” someone snapped as they grabbed my arm. I turned expecting Lexi to be the culprit only to find Zoey’s friend Emma holding my arm tightly. “Get him out of here before I have no choice to call the cops and have you arrested.” I quickly grabbed him up, slinging him over my shoulder, as if he was a rag doll, a heavy rag doll but a rag doll nonetheless.

She escorted Lexi and I towards the back and let us out the back exit. She opened the door and checked the alley before letting us out. “You can dump him in there” she pointed towards the dumpster.

I chuckled and dropped the rag doll in the dumpster. “I’ll pick up the car” Lexi said and headed towards the parking lot.

“He's not going to be picked up by the garbage truck tomorrow correct?” I asked and she laughed.

“No, they were here two days ago, won’t be here again until next week” she responded laughing.

I mouthed an 'oh' before sitting down against the brick wall. Silence filled the air as we waited for Lexi to show. “So why didn’t you have me arrested, if you don’t mind me asking or why did you have me throw him into the dumpster” I asked and she smiled.

“Lots of reasons. He's a dick, a piece of garbage human beings so I figured might as well. And besides, I like you; you’re a nice guy contraire to what Zoey tries to make you seem like. I see through the bull. I know she has strong feelings for you and it would have crushed her. You’re a regular too, so to have you arrested would mean banning you and I would only lose money, especially since you really didn’t do anything wrong. But mostly, for my best friend’s sake, but you do it again, I can’t guarantee next time I won’t have you put behind bars” she smiled and a few seconds later Lexi’s car pulled up. “Chris” she asked and I turned as I was about to enter Lexi’s vehicle. “Do us all a favor and show Zoey you care for her as much as she cares for you… It really would make Zoey happy especially since you just slept together” she laughed and I nodded.

“Didn’t you hear we are engaged” I responded jokingly and her mouth dropped open, her eyes widened completely. “Fake engaged, but her parents don’t know it’s all a sham” she still said nothing, her mouth still dropped. “You should probably talk to Zoey, I am sure she wants you to be the fake maid of honor” I continued laughing. “Oh Jesus close the Venus fly trap before flies land in it” I responded but she only waved as she walked inside.

Lexi dropped me off right after that, saying I was too drunk and probably too angry to drive. But I felt enlightened, happy, and proud of hitting Sam. Still too drunk? Maybe. But angry, I don’t think so. I walked inside and set my keys on the counter, stumbling into my room. I fell into my bed, smiling as I got comfortable. A snort from behind me startled me. I turned to see the bear lying in my bed, on my sheets. I groaned and turned away, whatever. I felt him nudge his head into my back and I turned my face back towards him only to be licked and smacked in the leg by his tail.

I groaned again and heard giggling through the walls. Then the slow beginning of creaking that progressed into the bumping of a bed against the wall filled the silence. Moans continued over the thumps and I covered my head with a pillow. The name ‘Ryan’ was screamed out multiple times right as I finally pushed out all the noise with my pillows. I cursed realizing that I wasn’t getting any sleep that night.

The End

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