Chapter 10: And The Neanderthal Makes ThreeMature


The first thing I heard this morning was the slam of a door. Stretching I yawned and got up reluctantly out of bed. I rubbed my eyes as I walked out of my room. A blanket lay scattered on the couch, used paper plates covered the floor, a two liter of soda, thankfully closed, was laying on the floor and open food covered the table and parts of the floor. An open box of seven slices of pizza was left open. In one area it looked like someone spilled a whole bag of tortilla chips and crushed them. Crumbs, whole things of food, partly eaten things of food, were everywhere. Was this from her sister alone? Jesus, I live with a barbarian.

Zoey came out two seconds later, moving like a ghost, and not paying attention to anything. I say that because she walked through the pile of tortilla chip crumbs without noticing. It was only when she stepped onto the pizza and sauce surrounded her feet that she had decided to come back to Earth. She looked down and jumped. She looked around the room, eyes widening and gasping.

"Was this" she began.

"Your Neanderthal of a sister? Yes" she gasped again and balled her fists. "This is ridiculous Zoey" I admitted and she sighed, nodding.

"Can you help me clean" she asked desperately. No, and why are you cleaning her mess. I bet you’re used to always cleaning after her. "Please Chris" she begged and I groaned as I nodded. "Thank you" she whispered.



"So, wait, her sister, is now living with you guys" Lexi asked, in pure astonishment. Her eyes were wide and she shook her head thinking over what I had just told her. I only sighed and nodded. "Dude, she’s acting like a stalker" she pointed out and I gave a nonchalant answer.

"Not really, I think she’s just there to piss me off, or hope for some kind of relationship or maybe both" I responded thinking of the events from last night. "She’s not one to stalk; she’s just a slut who doesn’t think further than the end of the night." Lexi didn’t say anything for a minute but bit her lip.

"You think Zoey is using her sister to piss you off" she asked and I snorted, thinking of two nights ago. Flashbacks came back; a shiver went through my body as a chill went up my neck. I still haven’t told Lexi, and I don’t plan on it. "What was that" she asked, now suspicious.

"What was what Lexi" I responded; apparently she had noticed.

"Don’t play stupid, what was that shiver?"

"I was cold, Jesus"

"I don’t believe you, wait, did you sleep with Zoey" she said loudly through gritted teeth. She’s good at maintaining her posture in public.

"Hell no Lexi, what the hell" I snapped, angry because she hit the nail on the head. She narrowed her eyes at me, she still doesn’t believe me.

"Then do you think she’s using her sister against you" she asked again. Today, she was getting on my last nerves.


"Why" Always so freaking inquisitive.

"Because of the way her sister talked to Zoey and forced herself to stay" I snarled. She blinked at my attitude, I never snap like that.

"Care to explain... How she talked to Zoey?" she said cautiously, unsure when I was going to jump down her throat again.

"I’m sorry Lexi. Well, she just came in and basically said; well I’m going to live here because of this that and the other. Then she brought up Sam and was like he’s dating your best friend. The best part is she went on to say that she always believed he deserved better like her friend. That he is happy for once, and kept going to the point Zoey left the room in tears. I haven’t seen her since" I told Lexi and she raised her eyebrows.

"She just lets her sister say those things" she gasped.

"I guess so" shrugging, I chugged the rest of my beer. "Alright Lexi, I’m going to head out, if I keep drinking I won’t able to drive home" I muttered and she nodded. "See you later" I told her before leaving.


As I enter the lobby, I see Zoey at the elevator waiting. She turned as I entered and smiled as I walked over. "Hey" I greeted, she simply nodded in response. "You okay" I asked surprised by her silence.

"Yeah, I’m fine... But I have a strong feeling at the pit of my stomach something is horribly wrong" she admitted biting her lip in anxiety. I nudged her with my elbow to get her to smile.

"Of course, your sister is living with u... You" Did I almost say us? Well I guess that is right if we are living together. Us. Us. Still doesn’t sound right. To me.

The elevator dinged and the doors slid open. I walked in and she hesitated tapping her foot nervous. "Claustrophobic" I asked and she shook her head. Sighing, she got on. "Come on its not that big of a deal, it’s just one of those feelings people get. Everyone gets them." I tried to reassure her but she didn’t relax. The doors dinged open and we walked out. As we walked towards the apartment I heard talking; did her sister invite guests? I looked at Zoey, and she was just as confused as me. I opened the door to two absolute strangers

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS" Zoey screamed as loud as she could. I turned to look at her. Her eyes wide and crazed, her jaw clenched, veins shown clearly in her neck, her hands balled, and not to mention she was shaking in absolute fury. She clearly knew them... and was. not. a. fan.

The End

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