Chapter 9: Movie Night and CompanyMature


Somewhere there was loud music, with the bass thumping so loud, my head felt as though it would explode. I winced and squeezed my eyes shut due to the pain. No, there was no music, just thumping and that’s when I realized it was my head thumping, threatening to explode. My hangover was going to be the death of me. I was freezing; it felt like the cold has sunk all the way down to my bones. I slowly opened my eyes and noticed the bottle of alcohol lying in front of me. How much did I drink last night? I rolled over, stretching, trying to find something to cover me up. The sight in front of me was worse than a horror movie. Chris lay in front of me completely naked; in complete shock I looked around and realized I was wearing only his t-shirt.

No, no, no, no, NO. This can not be happening. I screamed in absolute horror and crawled backwards away from the dastardly sight. I heard a splash from the bottle falling into some water. Two seconds later, I fell off the dock and into the water. Then all the memories came back from last night. Flashes of memories popped in my head like a slideshow, reminding me of what occurred last night. I swam to the surface only to find Chris putting on his pants. He stared at me when he was done. I froze, just stared back, in horror, bobbing in the surface like a buoy. He kneeled down and stuck out his hand staying silent. I waited for a second still frozen then grabbed his hand and he immediately pulled me up.

“You got a towel in your car? I don't want you to get sick” he said and I just nodded as he rubbed my arms trying to get me warm. He grabbed my keys off the dock and unlocked my trunk getting my towel out. He slams the trunk shut and walks over to me and wraps the blanket around me. He stares at me holding eye contact with an expression I have never seen before.

“Are you okay” he asks genuinely interested. I say nothing for a minute while biting my lip thinking.

“I think we should forget that” I motioned to him then to me, “you know uh” he immediately interrupted.

“That we had sex” he finished my sentence. “You want to forget that we ever slept together.”

I nodded, “I don't think we should ever mention it… Like it never happened” I proposed and he nodded slowly. But, the thing was, it did.



A scream like out of a horror movie rang out, well more like rang my eardrums, which was then followed by a small splash, and then finally a larger splash. I opened my eyes, and realized I was completely naked. A few memories of last night replayed in my head. I stood up and saw my boxers and my jeans, then immediately put them on. I turned to the edge of the dock where the two splashes were.

I knew before I looked, one was Zoey. Sure enough, Zoey was bobbing around the surface staring at me. I kneeled down and stuck out my hand. I bet Zoey has gone back to her old stuff. I moment later she finally grabbed my hand and I hoisted her up.

Remembering how cold the lake was, I asked, “You got a towel in your car? I don't want you to get sick”. My response was only a nod; I spotted her keys and used them to unlock the trunk. I grabbed the towel and slammed the trunk before walking over and wrapping the towel around her. For a minute straight we just maintain eye contact.

For the first time after sleeping with someone, I ask, “Are you okay?” She bites her lip and remains silent.

I think we should forget that” she began and motioned with her hands me and then to her, “you know uh” if I waited on her to finish her sentence, I would be dead.

“That we had sex” I interrupted her and she made a face. “You want to forget that we ever slept together.” Normally that would be okay, but for some reason… it felt weird.

She nodded, “I don't think we should ever mention it… Like it never happened” she proposed and all I could do was nod slowly. For some reason, my mind couldn't grasp this, like it wouldn’t accept it. All I could think was but it did happen, it really did.


She had gotten dressed immediately and put my soaked shirt into a plastic bag in the trunk. She rung her hair out the best she could and put it into a bun. She picked up everything of hers and put it in the trunk. I grabbed the bottle out of the water and tossed it into the trunk too. The entire time she wouldn’t even look at me.

Even the ride home was silent; completely silent, well, other than the hum of her engine. It sounded like an RC car. I occasionally would look over but she kept her eyes on the road, wouldn’t look at me once. I sighed and looked out the windows, saying nothing. We eventually pulled into the parking lot of the Meyer dorm building and we got out. She grabbed all of her stuff out of the trunk and I just grabbed my bottle and my shirt. She walked towards the building and I reluctantly joined her.



I practically ran to my room once we got back to our apartment. I closed my door behind me and slid down, my back against the door, my knees against my chest. What the hell happened? You know what the hell happened, somewhere my subconscious screams at me. I walked over to my bathroom and turned the faucet, letting cold water run, instantly I dipped my hand in and my hands tingled. I splashed water on my face multiple times. I wiped my face with a towel and turned the faucet to stop the water. I gazed at myself in the mirror. My reflection glared at me. You said you wanted to act like it didn’t happen. You think running to your room and hiding is pretending it didn’t happen? I'm not hiding. She raised an eyebrow. Go out there, and pretend like it didn’t happen! She yelled at me and I had to agree. Fine, but I'm going to listen to my music in that case. She rolled her eyes. Fine whatever, just go eat. You’re wasting away before me. Then she froze and went back to mimicking my actions. I have a strange imagination sometimes.

Sighing, I grabbed my iPod and played my ‘favorites’ playlist. The first song came on ‘Te amo’ and I smiled in satisfaction as Rihanna’s voice sung out. I walked to the kitchen, singing, and began cooking. As the bacon began to sizzle, I really started to sing, relaxing as much as possible. I totally zoned out into my blasted music, singing, and cooking… and an occasional dance move. I turned around to finish my dance move and Chris was just standing there with a raised eyebrow. I pulled a headphone out.

“I… uh…” I began and he only shook his head.

“Although the show was entertaining, I realized you actually had a voice. Not bad, kind of impressed. You ever think of being a singer” he asked actually interested. I shrugged and said nothing for a moment.

Finally I gave in. “Yeah, I was going to, this guy said he was in the music industry, and said he was going to watch me at a karaoke bar, like an audition. He never showed, and I took it as a sign. Since then, I figured I would try my hands at getting something that won’t get my hopes up as bad” I responded and said nothing. “Besides, even if I wanted to give it another chance, I still don't exactly know what I want to do with my life. I mean I know the area I want to be in, but where I actually want to end up, that’s kind of undecided” I flushed; I never said that to anyone before.

He clicked his tongue and shook his head in disappointment. See, this is why I never want to tell anyone this before. “It’s a shame you know” he spoke and I flushed even more, as ashamed of my confession as I ever could be.

“I know, I'm how old and don't know where I” he holds up a hand and I stop talking.

“No, it’s a shame because from the little amount I heard, I knew it was good. It’s a shame because you could go far and you let one bad experience ruin it for you. Wasted talent Zoe” he clarified and then turned to head back to his room. “By the way, your bacon is about to be burnt” he said and then walked to his room. I immediately turned around and cursed under my breath as I took it off the stove. I saved it just in time before it was burnt to being charred. I grabbed a tomato out of the fridge and sliced it into four slices. I set 2 to the side and grabbed some lettuce out of a bag tightly closed that was placed in the bottom drawer of the fridge. I sliced two slices and divided it in half. I pushed one half to the other half of the tomatoes. I took a container out of the fridge of dressing I made recently and some bread out of the pantry. I combined one half of the items into one sandwich and then made another. I grabbed two beers out of the fridge and placed the remaining food into the fridge.

“Chris, I made you a BLT” I called out and a few seconds later he came out happily, probably just as famished as I. He smiled and took one plate from me and plopped onto the couch.

“I'm digging a movie with the delicious looking BLT you made me, you in” he asked, an invitation for us trying to get along. I shrugged and joined him on the couch.

Someone made a ‘psst’ noise and I looked around. Over here. I looked at the mirror on the wall next to the TV. My reflection glared at me. You’re being too nice, and so is he. We are trying to get along, I snap mentally, and she only rolls her eyes. Post-sexual relations niceness… Hmm. Why don't you cuddle with him and wait for him to call you in three days? She sneers and I mentally flick her off. She returns it, smiling maliciously.

He waves a hand in front of his face and my evil reflection disappears. “What Chris” I ask frustrated with his hand waving in front of my face for a while now.

“Geez Zoey, I’ve repeated the question three times now and your name twice. You were completely out of it. I was asking what movie you’d like to watch” he snaps surprised by my rude return to reality.

“The one you’re on”, I said as I look at the screen. I smile at the picture of the movie, ‘Full metal jacket’; happy it’s available on demand. He whips his head towards me, jaw dropped, in complete shock. “What it’s a classic”, I sneer at his reaction.

“It’s a guy movie, not a chick flick” he mutters surprised. I merely roll my eyes in response.

“What does it matter the gender for me to enjoy a movie as great as this one” I respond coolly. He blinks and almost smiles but holds it back.

“Okay, girls can watch guy movies, but this, this is a true dude’s movie. For Christ sake its 'Full metal jacket', 'classic' doesn’t begin to cover it. Unless, you're making it up and you haven’t seen this movie… I'm going to quiz you” he says narrowing his eyes and I shrug. I'm not afraid.

“Pray” he says. One word and I immediately knew. He thinks he’s got me but I have seen this movie enough times to know every word by heart.

“This is my rifle. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my rifle is useless. Without my rifle” I began and he holds up his hand, gawking.

“Spot on. Texas? Only…” and I hold up my hand to stop him. My turn.

“Only steers and queers come from Texas, Private Cowboy. And you don't look much like a steer to me, so that kind of narrows it down” I quote smiling, being watched by a gawking Chris. He’s beyond speechless and I respond with a victorious smile.

“Well, Zoey, you… are… you… I got nothing” he says and shakes his head. I smile again and he sighs, shocked.

“Well, to be fair, you were quoting the most famous quotes of the movie” he shrugs and smiles as he presses the play button. He takes a bite out of his BLT and his eyes widen.

“My god Zoey, if neither the singing nor the school works out, you can at least become a chef” he smiles and I roll my eyes.

“Not everyone who knows how to cook should be a chef, and not everyone who knows how to sing should be a singer” I respond biting into my sandwich.

“Au contraire mon ami, lets agree to disagree” he says as he holds up his BLT and waves it then biting into it.

Before I ask about him speaking French, the movie begins, and the question completely slips my mind.


The movie finally ends, our stomachs stuffed, and our heads full of never-ending quotes. A knock at the door surprised us both; he turns with a quizzical look as if asking if I was expecting someone but I only shake my head. He shrugs, gets up, and heads towards the door. He opens the door and he clamors up in complete anger.

“Where’s my sister” she asks as she pushes past him. I look up to see Becca smiling at me. “So am I sleeping on the couch or shall I sleep in my lover’s room” she asks and turns back towards Chris. Chris just stands there, shocked, door still open.

“Uh, Becca, I thought you went home again” I spoke slow, unsure of how to respond.

She raised an eyebrow, “Oh that’s right I forgot to tell you. Once I left Christian after the most pleasurable night of his life” I hold back a laugh at the memory and out of the corner of my eyes I see Chris’ fist ball, “I drove around town and decided I wanted to move here. Besides you and I don't spend enough time together, so I thought this would be perfect. Not to mention I have a new boy toy” before I could ask who she turns to Chris who’s eyes widen. I smile coyly, just a little. But at the same time, this is taking our revenge plan a little too far.

My reflection stares at me with a vicious grin on her face. Ah-ha! Your plan backfired. Sorry you guys can’t cuddle and grow happily ever after. I glare at her in response before she disappears.

“So wait you're going to live here” I ask slowly, unsure of how to respond to this new information. She nods over-enthusiastically.

“Well I'm going to live here in this apartment until I find an apartment and then live here in this town” she practically squeals, not even bothering to ask if it’s okay. “I'm so excited” she squeals in a high pitch voice.

“Me too” I lie and send Chris a look. He says nothing, and the door is still open. He just watches the horror unfold before his face. I feel like I'm having an out of body experience.

“Oh, and I didn’t know you and Sam broke up! Did you know he’s dating your best friend” I groan as the reminder comes back. The pain in effect, stealing the oxygen out of my lungs. It still really hasn’t hit me, it hit me slightly the first day, but it just hasn’t sunk in. Weird, yes, but it just hasn’t. “Is she your best friend or were you cool with it”, I give a nonchalant answer. “Well I kind of always thought you were never good enough for him, not to mention I thought he was gay” she says without thought or remorse. So I wasn’t even enough for a gay guy? My reflection curses her out. “He looks happy for once, I guess he finally found someone for him” I just blink at her and gawk. She knows no bounds. “What is it Zoey” she asks appalled by my reaction.

My reflection is continuing to screaming at her, but I say nothing while I stare at her. “What the hell is it Zoey or are you just going to continue to stare at me” she snaps. I’m still in complete shock. I get off the couch and move like a ghost towards my room. I feel empty, numb, as though I'm dead on the inside. Somewhere someone calls after me, but it feels like an echo from far away. I slam the door behind me and slide for the second time down against the door. Goober peeks up from the bed, sees me, then rest his head back down going back to sleep.

Her words repeat again and I run to the bathroom and the words force the BLT up and possibly what’s left of my broken heart into the toilet. I flush and brush my teeth. I stare into my mirror and am surprised to see that my body is shaking. My eyes are red and puffy. Why am I shaking? Why do I look like this? I then hear a noise from far off, and that’s when I realize that I was sobbing. I spit out my toothpaste into the sink. I walk over to the bed and lay on the bed, next to Goober, the only comfort I have right now. Before I know it, I have cried myself to sleep.

The End

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