Chapter 8: Friday Changes EverythingMature


“My first week is over; what do you mean you’re not coming to celebrate” I asked into the phone, on the other end was Emma. I was starting to get frustrated; I seriously can not believe that she was bailing on me. The one weekend I don't want her to bail. She has to be joking.

“Sorry, but I have to take care of the club, we are more busy than we normally are. They need as much help as they can” she spoke. “Speaking of which, a fight just broke out, I have to go” before I had a chance to respond, there was a click and I realized she had hung up. I groaned in disappointment and put the phone down. My head propped up on my chin.

The door opened and Chris walked through on the phone, “you guys are not seriously right? We had plans, we were going to celebrate” silence “whatever fine” he pulls his phone away from his ear and sighs. He catches me watching him and narrows his eyes. “What are you looking at?”

“Nothing; so you’re plans cancelled too” I asked as an attempt to make conversation. He opened the fridge and peered in with a bored expression on his face.

“Yeah, seems like everyone has something better to do, or something more important to do, especially when you have such a crappy week but whatever” he sneered in frustration, while pulling a beer out the fridge. “What were your plans” he asked, surprising me. I didn’t think he has any interest in what my life, other than making fun of it.

“To get drunk, to celebrate” I said honestly and sighed, joining him by grabbing a beer, although it was one of his. He raised his eyebrows at me as he watched me remove the cap and drink some.

“You… drink? Stuck up Zoey drinks?” I laughed at his shock. “And at that, someone else’s alcohol” I laughed even more at his reaction. “Watch out people, we have a rebel” he shouted this out into the air and I laughed a little more before taking another drink.

“Hey Chris,” I began and he looked up surprised at my sudden seriousness, “you wanna go for a drive” I asked and he turned his head like a dogs.

“Yeah, but don't rape me in a dark alley, be gentle” he responded smiling and I only rolled my eyes. “Hold on, let me go get my alcohol.” He went into his room and came back with a huge, half full, bottle of apple vodka. “Ready?” I nodded in response, grabbing my keys off the counter and we walked out.

As we took the elevator down, and walked to my car, it was silent between us. I don't know if it was awkward or what but the silence was weird. We walked to my 2009 pearl white Ford Focus.

“Oh-ho please tell me that this is not your car” he busted into laughter. I whipped my head towards him quickly and glared at him.

“What? What could possibly be wrong with this car”, I sneered at him. He laughed even more.

“First, it’s an American made car. Second, it’s a girly car. Third, it looks like a sperm” he laughed even more. “I hope I am not seen in a sperm-mobile.”

“Okay, first I paid for it all with my own money, and not to mention its only three years old. Second, I bought the fancy version, with the leather seats, sun roof, all that, the more expensive version. Third, I like it, so suck it” I snapped and he just shook his head.

“Whatever, just unlock your girly car” he snapped, bored of making fun of me, he probably ran out of jokes. I unlocked it and we got in. He looked around my car, with a look of awe but said nothing. “Okay, I have to admit the fancy version of your car is pretty nice” he admitted, I smiled at his defeat. “So where are we going” he asked curious when I started the car.

“This place I used to go to when I was a kid” I muttered. He made an ‘oh’ face but said nothing. What felt like forever, and was actually thirty minutes or so later, we finally arrived at the place. It was an empty place, a few yards in front of a forest, with a giant dock that outstretched a good twenty feet at least, over a lake. Memories flooded back and my eyes watered, but I said nothing.

“Wow, its beautiful here” he admired, “I don't think I’ve seen a place this beautiful in a long time” he smiled in awe. He turned around, pulled the vodka bottle out of the car and walked down the dock to the end to sit at the edge. I followed suit and sat next to him with my feet hanging over the end of the dock. He pulled two shot glasses out his pocket and blew into them as his way of ‘cleaning them’. I shook my head as I watched him; he began to pour vodka into each shot glass filling them to the top. “Drink up Zoe” he commanded, and for the first time calling me ‘Zoe’ versus ‘Zoey’. I quickly took the shot and shook my head at the strength of the alcohol. He instantly refilled them and nudged me to take a shot. I rolled my eyes but I still took the shot.

“Trying to get me drunk” I asked jokingly. He smiled and threw his hands in the air.

“You caught me” he admitted defeated. I looked at him, shocked, this was the nicest I have ever seen him.

“I would arrest you but uh… my sister beat me to it” I busted into stomach hurting laughter, and soon enough, he began laughing too.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe that actually happened to me… The worst part is you were the one who found me; I don't know what is worse if my mother found me or you finding me” he chuckled a hearty laugh, one I have never heard from him before.

“You don't know what’s worse? I would think your mother” I shook my head laughing. He shook his head as a no. What do you mean me catching you is worse than your mother catching you? I wasn’t sure whether to take this as an insult or not.

“My mother knows somewhat about my sexual escapades, she's accidentally seen a few of them. She always told me, that I had the biggest heart she had ever seen, but I went after what a particular part of my body wanted. That I will always chase after the girls, but never stay with one” he sighed as he thought about this.

“No offense but its true” I smiled and he shrugged drinking some vodka right out the bottle, more like chugging it.

“Yeah well, its easier to never expect anything, to just spend one night with someone, not get hurt, versus spend several years loving them, date them finally for one year, and them break your heart” he responded looking at the vast lake and sighed.

“I'm assuming that’s what happened to you” I began not trying to sound like an idiot.

“As someone very annoying, but sometimes right once said, bingo” he said and chugged some more. “There’s not one day that goes by, that I don't think of her” he admitted. “You tell anyone that, I will kill you” he threatened. I motioned zipping my lips up, locking them, and throwing away the key. He laughed and bumped me.

“That doesn’t mean that every girl will do that to you… You can’t blame every girl for what one girl did to you. Not to mention you say no one gets hurt, but how do you know those girls don't get hurt?” I started to rant but I couldn't control myself. He made a face as he thought about it. I can tell he never thought about this before.

“Well, I can do that because I want to, so I will. I'm stubborn and I'm sorry, but I haven’t met the right girl who has proven she isn’t like the rest who will do that. Honestly, I have never really thought about the girls. I guess I just look for protecting myself and don't really look for how they feel…” he thought out loud, with a look of guilt or maybe remorse on his face. “So tell me how you found this place” he motioned towards the huge lake that sat in front of us.

“Ah well that requires I chug some vodka then… some liquid courage” I said and he handed the bottle to me. I drank a little before starting my story and then set it down next to me. “Well life was hard when I was growing up. I mean we were tight on money, especially since all the money went to my sister, Jessica. I didn’t complain, and my parents were always stressing over Jessica’s hospital bills. Jessica was always sick, that’s what I knew about her. We never really had anything to talk about, she had no social life, never had time to develop any interests, no time for anything. It wasn’t like I could bond with her over talking about needles and stuff. She was always in the hospital, and when she finally came home she would only be home for a day or two.

“Well when Jessica died, Mom and Dad didn’t take it lightly. She had always been the planned child, the favorite child, the sick child they went into debt over just to make sure she got better. I was just the accident child, my parents didn’t really like me, and they certainly didn’t love me. When Jessica died, I truly learned that. Dad always worked instead of being home to basically avoid the family, and well Mom became a druggie. He sort of started drinking, wasn’t really an alcoholic, but uh when he did drink, it was bad. But it wasn’t like he ever really was home.

“Well one day, Dad just really couldn't take the family anymore, and he left. Mom told me everyone that she ever loved has been gone to her, abandoned her, she said she hated me, said she never wanted me, that everything was fine until I came along. Jessica was healthy until I came along. Her marriage was fine until I came along. She said she no longer wanted me or to see me ever again. I ruined her life and killed her only child. And then she kicked me out… I was going through the woods trying to find someone, somewhere to go, someplace to live, or even a way to live… That’s when I found this place.” I sighed looking at the reflection of myself in the lake, tears forming and then falling, ruining my reflection. He waved the alcohol bottle under my nose.

“Drink me, Zoe drink me, don't I look delicious…” he said in a high pitch voice pretending it was the bottle’s voice. I laughed and took the bottle to chug it. The apple vodka slid down my throat leaving a trail of fire behind. The effects of alcohol were just starting to hit me and I'm sure they were the same for Chris. “Is that why you were so… judgmental when I first met you” he said jokingly but serious.

“Yeah, I mean I figured if I kept my guard up, no one could hurt me the way I was used to, that I could never feel that pain again” I admitted and bit my lip. It was a habit I did when I was sad and near the verge of tears. “I never want to feel pain like that again. It takes a lot for me to even consider me trusting someone, almost every person I have ever trusted, has betrayed and abused my trust.”

“Well, that’s because you trust bad people. Like that idiot ex boyfriend… I still say he was gay anyways. But Ill tell you something from experience, no one can hurt you unless you let them” he smiled and his words were slightly slurred.

“That’s such bull” I grinned laughing. He did a slight shrug; clearly he didn’t believe it was bull.

“Not in all cases” he laughed and yawned. “Oh and you missy, are slurring your words” he pointed out as he himself slurring his words.

“So are you” I told him and he shrugged.

“Yeah well, we drank half a bottle of strong vodka” he admitted and shrugged. I turned back to the water and he stood up. He put down the bottle, almost falling over as he did and then turned back to me holding out his hand. I watched him in the reflection in the water before turning around.

“Yes?” He shook his hand still waiting.

“Grab my hand! Let’s dance” he proposed and I giggled.

“You want to dance? This is funny… Besides we have no music” I said. He smiled and shrugged.

“So? We don't need music… We have each others company, that’s all we need” he told me and I took his hand. He pulled me up and slowly, we began to dance. We dance slowly as though we were in middle school at our first boy-girl formal dance.

“That was so cliché and kind of lame” I admitted and he only rolled his eyes. He pulled out his phone and started to play some music. Slow music erupted from the phone, music that matched the mood of this moment.

“Is this Sway by Michael Buble?” I was surprised, no impressed by his choice of his music. I loved this song so of course I immediately recognized it.

“Yes. Do you have a problem with Michael Buble or jazz?” he narrowed his eyes towards me. “If you do, I will lose all respect I have for you” he warned still with his eyed narrowed at me.

“Not at all, I just didn’t figure you for a jazz man” I admitted. He continued to dance with me; he began to spin me before pulling me back to him.

“I'm not only a jazz man but I am a salsa man, too…” I giggled in response to him and he only shook his head at my giggling. He probably thought I was like a five year old with all my giggling I was doing. “Ole, Bonita Senorita” he whispered jokingly in a horrible Spanish accent. I giggled some more and he spun me once again. My chest faced his and he peered down at me. For the first time around him, I began to get nervous. I don't know why, but I was. He was picking me up, still maintaining eye contact, all the while, my stomach dropped like an anchor.

Then it felt like I was flying backwards, I was getting further away from him… What the… A noise filled the air and cold surrounded me like a tight blanket. I sunk down and it was dark and cold. I looked around and realized he had thrown me into the water. I swam to the surface and glared at him.

He stood at the edge of the dock and looked down at me with an evil grin on his face. After a moment, he decided to join me. He removed his shirt and jumped in, splashing water everywhere. My teeth chattered in response to how cold the lake was. He laughed at me as I crossed my arms holding my arms close to my body, seeking warmth. He splashed me some more and I splashed him back, angry, he had thrown me in. I splashed him back but I held my arms to my chest again, trying to keep warm. It didn’t seem like it was getting any warmer. It felt like I was sitting in a freezer. I couldn't stop shaking and my teeth could not stop chattering. Every hair stood up on my body. God, I was freezing.

“Is it just me or this lake not getting any warmer” he asked now shivering. I shook my head my teeth chattering. “Let’s get out before we catch a cold” he laughed, now realizing how stupid his decision had been. I grabbed the edge of the dock and pulled myself up, my clothes weighing a ton and feeling as though they were trying to pull me down. He followed after and pulled himself up. We both began wringing out our clothes before he stopped and cursed.

“What” I asked. He groaned and pulled his drenched phone out of his pocket. I started giggling, but eventually the giggling turned into full laughter. He laughed with me and shook his head looking at his phone.

“Fantastic… That’s a sign we had a little too much to drink” he said as he waved his phone around. I shook my head in surprise at his mistake.

“Good job drunkie” I said and gave him a light push. He pushed me back just as soft.

“Don't push me” he threatened but no real anger was behind his voice. I rolled my eyes and then pushed him again. He pushed me back and growled “I said don't push me”.

I pushed him again feeling as though this was a dare. “Or what?” He narrowed his eyes at me and got closer to me.

“You don't want to know. Do it again and you’ll find out. Guarantee you won’t like the results” he threatened. Part of me was nervous, the other was curious, (as always). I normally would have backed off, but the alcohol in my system, made me push him again.

“That’s it” he sneered, and I wasn’t sure if he actually was angry or not. He picked me up and that’s when my brain kicked in. Oh no, what is he going to do? My entire body clamored up in fear. He pushed me against the car and stared at me for a second.

“What are you going…” before I had a chance to finish that sentence, his mouth was on mine, and I succumbed without a second thought.

The End

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