Chapter 7: Chris In HandcuffsMature


Blondie was such a tease. An hour has passed and I haven’t gotten anything out of this. This is such bull! She had me completely naked, and was continuing to tease. I was in pain… literally; I thought I was going to die.

She eyed the handcuffs and the pieces of cloth on the dresser. Smiling she tied each of my wrists to both of the bed posts with the cloth and then handcuffed my ankles to the end of the bed bed-posts. Okay, we are finally getting somewhere versus just undressed and well… never mind. “Oh…” I almost said her name but I forgot it. I kept calling her, of course inside my head, Blondie or Zoey’s sister. “What are you going to do with me” I asked in a deep husky voice, my irresistible voice.

Leaning forward and laying on top of me, she whispered, “Whatever I want”. I grinned, finally. I or my friend could not take this anymore. At this point, it was ridiculous. She played with my hair and then blindfolded me with the last piece of cloth. Kinky and I like it. I heard her moving around and then a zipper… Is she getting dressed? No way. She could not be getting dressed. NO she will not be getting dressed. Worse, she will not be leaving me like this… in this ‘condition’.

“What are you doing” I asked hoping it wasn’t what I was thinking. Silence for a minute and I knew she had frozen.

“Sorry doll, Zoey lost her key, so I have to run downstairs and let her in. I will be right back and finish where I left you” she giggled like a little girl. That doesn’t sound like Zoey, Zoey is well, Zoey, and well Zoey is responsible. She wouldn’t lose her keys. But then again she was with Ryan so she probably got drunk and then lost them. “Ill be right back, give me five minutes” she spoke somewhere in the room. I sighed, exasperated, and in pain. I better get something tonight; I will not be left like this. Two seconds later, the door opened and closed. The sound of her heels echoed throughout the house and then the front door opened and closed then pure silence. Just five minutes… Five minutes… Just five stupid minutes…


I must have dozed off at one point but I tried my best to stay awake, so that way she can come back and finish it. Although, it’s been a while, my friend has not been at full attention in a while. She truly left me high and dry. I haven’t been in that kind of pain since I think high school. Once I woke up, and the situation truly hit me, I started screaming out curse words, she had to be back, waiting in the living room just to piss me off further. I was furious, no livid.

It felt like hours later when I heard my room’s door open. Finally that stupid blonde is come to apologize for the pain she put me through. “Is that you Blondie? What happened to it being just five minutes?” Silence.

In what felt like forever I heard a giggle, then someone spoke. “Uh… no” then laughter. I knew who that was immediately.

But I had to make sure I wasn’t wrong. “Zoey?”

“Bingo” she responded.




I woke up to a series of curse words being screamed throughout the house. Goober was staring at the door with his head turned, the typical curious dog movement. “This game isn’t funny anymore” echoed out as I yawned stretching in my bed before getting up to check out the noise. More curse words rang out. I walked to Chris’ door and paused, silence, then curse words filled the air yet again. Groaning, I opened the door, to a sight I was not expecting.

Chris was shirtless and his blanket covered him from the waist down. He was blindfolded and tied to each bed post by his wrists. His ankles were tied to the front bed posts by 2 sets of pink fur handcuffs. “Is that you Blondie? What happened to it being just five minutes?” I was in so much shock; I just froze and said nothing. Pure silence filled the air.

Once I got out of my shocked state and I realized that this wasn’t a dream I began to giggle. This was serious; he really didn’t think I would be the one to catch him in this… state. Finally I got the words to answer him. “Uh… no” I responded and busted into laughter. He had to know who it was now.

I could tell even though he was tied up, literally, he had frozen. “Zoey” he asked, in just as much shock as me.

“Bingo” I told him. He froze again and said nothing for a minute or so.

“Get out of… Actually, where is your stupid sister?” I busted into laughter.

“Wait, she did this to you? Ah, that’s great.” I took in the sight; the evil side of me was getting so much pleasure out of this…

“Zoey! Where is your sister” he snapped angrily. I tried to hold back a smile but this was priceless.

“I don't know where she is, if I did, I would be applauding her right now. Seriously I would, because this is great” I responded. Nothing could ruin this moment. “Hold on a second” I walked out of his room back to mine and grabbed my phone and camera off my night stand.

“Zoey! Where did you go? Get back here and get me out of here” he sounded so desperate, oh how it keeps getting better. I walked back into his room and he began to move around, although pointless, in anger. “No cameras Zoey! I refuse to let you take a picture of this” he sneered.

“Oh yeah, because you're totally in a position to argue and make demands; tell me, what exactly are you going to do if I take pictures? Looking at your current situation, you only can choose to take this option or not be set free. But even then, I would still take pictures, so there’s nothing you can really do. It’s not like you can stop me”

“You're rambling Zoey” he paused. “But fine, whatever only take two pictures” he said coldly. I took multiple pictures with my camera, recorded it for a minute or so and then took more pictures with my phone. I wanted to save this for a lifetime. “Zoey! Enough already” he demanded, although it was pointless.

“Say please” and I began recording again. He shook his head resisting me. “Say it or this will go on YouTube.”

“No way, it will still go on YouTube knowing you” he snapped. I smiled at the thought, maybe I should do this.

“No this is for insurance and or black mail purposes” I grinned maliciously. “Not to mention pure entertainment purposes.”

“Please let me go” he said dryly.

“Say it like you actually mean it”

“Please my wonderful roommate Zoey, who I adore with all my life and soul, let me go” he said sarcastically and with fake enthusiasm. I busted into laughter and smiled; I put my camera down so it still recorded with a good shot and walked over to him. I slowly untied his hands but I couldn't help giggling while I do it. “Shut up and untie me” he sneered coldly.

“Oh someone’s grouchy” I whispered. He shook in his restraints. I finished untying his right hand and then walked over and untied his other hand. I stood in front of his bed again and watched as he grabbed the keys for the handcuff off his nightstand and undo his handcuffs. I pressed the record button to stop recording. Smiling I shook my head, “today is one of the best days I’ve had for a long time”.

“Shut up Zoey, this doesn’t leave this room” he growled at me.

I rolled my eyes and scoffed, “if you think I'm not going to…”

“Zoey” he interrupted me. I shrugged, throwing my hands in the air, exasperated.

“Fine, fine; I won’t tell anyone… But it’s always nice to know I have blackmail” I waved my camera around grinning maliciously. He rolled his eyes and held the blanket to his waist as he got off the bed. He wrapped the blanket around his waist and tucked it in so that it wouldn’t fall once he let go. He started to open his drawer and paused looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Show’s over; you done here or are you going to continue standing in my room” he asked and I realized I was standing in his room, doing absolutely nothing.

“Right, sorry” I walked out his room immediately surprised at my own reaction. Why had I continued to stay in his room? Again and again, that question repeated inside my head throughout the rest of my day.



            Laughter, laughter and criticizing that were my response. “Okay… okay… one more time… Zoey’s sister, leaves you high and dry… tied to your bed… and Zoey… is the one that finds you?” Every break was filled with laughter; Zack has had me repeat the story three times. Every time, he laughs harder. “We warned you… that something bad would happen… but this, this… priceless” tears ran down his face, Ryan’s face, Chase’s face but Lexi’s… Lexi’s was sobbing bent over on the bar, holding her stomach. Seemed like everyone couldn't get enough of this story, and when I say everyone, I mean nearby people at the bar, were snickering at my misfortune.

“Bartender, bartender, could you come here for a second” Zack called out gigging like a school child. The bartender walks over, a man in his mid thirties, kind of mean looking, built like a quarterback and as wide as a door; surely, he could not get entertainment out of this.

“So listen to this, my friend here” he grabbed my shoulder to call me out and laughing as he does so, clearly drunk, “has an evil…”

“Unbelievably hot” Ryan interrupted.

“Yes, unbelievably hot, roommate who he hates and hates him, and has almost just as hot sister… Who promises my dear friend a good night… leaves him unsatisfied, high and dry, and tied up. The best part is, the person who finds him and has to untie him… is his evil roommate!” At this point he is so drunk and so loud that almost everyone near the bar has heard. Not to mention, they are laughing too. But the two laughing the most, is the quarterback bartender, and Lexi. No matter how many times the story is told it seems that the story, to them, is funnier every time they hear it.



Ah, first day of class, time to get back into the swing of things. Part of me is nervous, part of me is excited. I believe that now, everything is going to fall back into place; yes, things have changed, but I suppose it’s for the better. I brought out a pair of jeans with a black v neck short sleeved shirt with a white camisole underneath. I put on a pair of wedge heels that had black straps that went across my feet. I braided my long brown hair into two braids that hung past my boobs. I applied my make up and I smiled in the mirror impressed with the way my make up came out. I went into the living room yawning and head towards the kitchen to make coffee. Two seconds later, Chris walked out of his room, well more like trudged.

I eyed him as he walked around the room, scratching his crotch and yawning. He looked like he literally just got out of bed. His hair was a mess, as always, but more of one now, he was wearing blue, white, and black pin striped pajama pants. “Good morning sunshine” I greeted sarcastically which was returned with a glare. “Luckily today, when I woke up I didn’t have to untie you” I smiled; I knew this would annoy him.

“Don't talk to me” he responded. I opened my mouth and he immediately stopped me. “Not one word; I don't want to talk about yesterday ever again” he sneered coldly.

“Oh fine, Ill drop it, but my sister is going to be in town for a while so I'm sure she’ll be back again… Oh memories” I told him, and he whipped his head towards me. “Oh, yes, did I forget to mention that? Yes, my sister is going to be around for a while and visiting me quite often so I'm pretty sure it will be spoken of again, just saying” I responded and smiled as I grabbed my cup of coffee from under the coffee maker. I stirred some sugar and creamer into my coffee. With the silence in the air, I pictured his mouth hanging open and a look of absolute horror being displayed. I turned around and he was just glaring at me, with the worst glares he’s ever given me. His jaw was tightened and part of me believed that his fists were clenched.

“I don't want her around me” he sneered and walked out of the room. He slammed the door behind him.

“Well I can’t control my sister” I shouted giggling. I grabbed my notebook and pen off the counter and walked out the door and headed to my class.


It had only taken me ten minutes to get to class. In the class it was a podium in front of the white dry erase board at the front of the class room. In front of the podium were three rows of tables. Each row consisted of five tables each; each table was big enough for just two normal sized chairs to be side by side. On the right side of the room all of the seats were taken by the various Meyer students of which all were either on their phones or laptops; the left side was empty. No one was talking to another; I guess Chris and I weren’t the only people who hated each other. They looked up when they realized I had just entered the room and was standing there awkwardly; once they saw me they gave me a blank look… an almost sympathetic look. Why were they…

“If you weren’t the way you are, you might actually have friends or a boyfriend, but you don’t. Like I said, you’re worse than everybody else.” Pushing the chair back, I stood up and choked on my words. My throat swelled and every word seemed a challenge. “I'm sorry, I have to… excuse me” I choked as I fought back tears, then unable to face Chris or anyone else I ran out the room.

The flashback of the first Meyer students meeting came into my head. The moment where Chris degraded me to nothing, robbed me of my dignity, and attacked my every vulnerability. The moment when we were supposed to be solving our roommate issues versus attacking our roommates every weakness. Tears welled in my eyes remembering that moment; I sat down immediately avoiding all of their eyes. I bit my lip with everything that has happened recently hitting me at once. The pain hit me like a tidal wave. Closing my letting out a deep breath, I held back the tears and controlled myself. You can do this Zoey. You are strong. You have made it all your life by yourself; you can keep doing it now. You can do it Zoey. You are strong. You have…

“Shut up Zoey, you sound like one of those gay-self help-my life sucks-I am a loser, let me help other people be as much of a loser as me books” I opened my eyes to a Chris sitting in the chair next to me.

“God Chris do you have any shame? Or must you ridicule every little part of my day” I sneered coldly; I didn’t even know that I had said those things out loud. Part of me was curious to see how they looked at Chris when he entered; craving to my curiosity, I looked to the right side of the room and sure enough, they were sending Chris the worst death glares. “You have fans” I nodded towards the right side of the room. Chris looked towards them and immediately dropped his eyes.

He cleared his throat and was silent for a moment. “So what do you think, the teacher is going to be a stuck up like you or a chill sexy beast like me” he asked smiling and changing the subject as he did. He began to play with the edge of his white flannel shirt; he wears those shirts a lot. He almost has an obsession with them.

 I rolled my eyes and said nothing. A few minutes later the professor walked in and everything settled into its place. The week went by smoothly, in fact it seemed like everything was falling into place including putting the whole hate relationship with Chris to the side… That was, until Friday. Friday changed everything.

The End

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