Chapter 6: Hello, BlondieMature


I found myself flipping through channels at five-something in the morning. She still wasn't home. I looked at the door again, and nothing happened. I drummed my fingers on the couch, continuing to flip through the channels. However no matter how much I tried to distract myself with the television, my thoughts somehow got traced back to the idea of a Ryan and Zoey. My stomach felt like it flipped and I grew nauseous. I shook my head in order to rid myself of these thoughts but the idea lingered, as well as the nausea. A noise, not from the T.V., caught my attention. I whipped my head towards the door. I heard the door slowly begin to open and then a head peaked in.

“Why are you still up?” The question practically echoed throughout the house.

“Why are you here? Better yet, why are you still up” I asked back almost with hostility.

“Did I get your hopes up? Were you expecting Zoey?” Lexi closed the door behind her and walked over to where I was sitting.

“No. I could care less if Zoey came back tonight or if she spent the night at Ryan’s.” The last part made my stomach churn.

“Well, I'm locked out because my key broke off in the lock. So I came here because you love me and love me enough to let me crash the night.” She smiled and looked at me, but all I did was roll my eyes.

“Yeah whatever you can share the bed with me” her mouth opened in shock, “oh you thought that I would let you have the entire bed and Id what sleep on the couch… ha-ha, no.” Her mouth closed and she narrowed her eyes. I didn't budge, and she began to pout; I still didn't budge. After a minute or so she gave up. I went back to flipping through the channels until I found a movie.

Lexi began to shake me. I looked at her, who was now standing in front of me. “Come on sleeping beauty” she reached for my hand dragging me off the couch.

“I haven’t been sleeping” I responded and she started laughing. “What?”

“The movie is over; you've been asleep for over an hour. It’s almost seven in the morning.” She pulled me towards my bedroom and as soon as I hit the bed, I fell asleep.


I woke up the next morning to an empty bed. I looked at the time and realized it was only eleven. Lexi must have left early this morning. I brushed my teeth and put on deodorant. I splashed cold water on my face to wake myself up then headed towards the kitchen to get some food.

Zoey sat in the kitchen aimlessly stirring a spoon in a mug of coffee. “Morning” I said. She jumped surprised by my presence. Her hair was messy, and she was in a giant white shirt that hung down to the middle of her thighs.

“Hey” she looked me over and grabbed her mug heading out the kitchen.

“So how was your date with Ryan” trying to fill the strange silence.

“It was… nice I guess. He's different” she shrugged and sipped her coffee. “How was your booty call with Lexi?” She seemed a little surprised by her own words and for almost a second I saw an apologetic look across her face. Then she turned it back to the typical bitter Zoey.

“Actually, it wasn't a booty call. She got locked out, came here to crash, she just happened to spend the night here.” Zoey eyed me again trying to figure out whether or not I was lying to her.

“Whatever” Zoey muttered restraining an attitude.

“Its not like you didn’t have sex with Ryan last night and you’re judging my sex life?” I snapped but she raised her eyebrows.

“We did not have sex last night, unlike you, I don't have sex as soon as possible.” She started to head towards her room clinging to the mug as though she was holding on for dear life but she stopped halfway through the living room. She turned around and sipped her drink. “What does it matter even if I did have sex with Ryan? Is there something wrong with that?”

I paused by the question; I definitely wasn’t expecting that question. “I… uh, nothing” she rose an eyebrow again, then shrugged and went back to her room. Two minutes later she closed the door and I left to go to Lexi’s house.



I heard Chris leave not long after I went back to my room. I picked up my phone and texted Emma to come over. She responded immediately saying she would be over soon. I stirred my coffee a little and took another sip. I changed from my white pajama shirt into a pair of jeans that clung somewhat and a spaghetti strapped white tank top. I put on white wedge heels that had straps that went across my foot.

Not long after doing my morning routine of brushing my teeth and hair, and doing my make up, there was a knock on the door. Emma was here already; that was fast. I opened the door to a suspicious looking Emma. Today she wore a neon yellow and green striped shirt and blue jeans that had a few holes in them. She had her black hair pulled back into a ponytail. The only part of her hair not pulled back was her bangs hanging straight across her forehead and on each side of her bangs was a long strand of hair that hung down to her cheeks. I led her in and quickly updated her on what happened yesterday.

“So let me get this right, you went on a date with one of his best friends?” Emma stared at me with a blank face, as she leaned against the cherry counter island. I sat on the grey marble countertops of my kitchen and I began to smile at the thought. She began to fiddle with the end of her shirt while waiting for my response.

“Yeah I did” I eventually responded. I was starting to be a little happy again since the whole Sam situation.

“How did it go” she asked raising an eyebrow at my continuing smile.

“It was nice, we went to a breakfast place and he was a gentleman… It was one of the nicest dates I have ever been on….” I shrugged not knowing what else to say; I was always horrible at describing things like this.

“Well my thing is, I'm just thinking that you are going on dates with him for revenge. But, I thought you said that you weren’t going to get revenge” she spoke slowly as she recalled what I had said that day. I narrowed my eyes, I hated when she used my words against me.

“I'm not.” Technically that wasn’t a lie; part of me was charmed by my roommate’s friend. Emma popped her lips and sighed rubbing her forehead.

“Oh don't lie to me. You know that it is only going to end badly right?” My only response was me raising my eyebrow. “Don't you find it a little odd that his friend conveniently asked you out?”

“What do you mean” I asked this, still confused and Emma looked down tapping her chin, thinking.

“Okay, so his friends know that he wants to teach you a lesson… When his plan begins, his friend just so happens to ask you out… Don't you find that a little, like I said before, odd?”

“Are you suggesting that he is using his friend to teach me a lesson?” I almost laughed at this thought; Chris wasn’t that intelligent and he never would have thought of something like this.

“I'm just saying it happens to be way too much of a coincidence that his friend asks you out when he sets his plan in motion”

“A simple yes would have sufficed, although I see what you're saying. What should I do?”

“You should do the same thing”

“Whoa, Emma when you joined my side I didn’t think you’d volunteer for such a big part… I mean I was just hoping for moral support some ideas, but here you are jumping in to play such a big role”

“Zoey, you're rambling” she interrupted to stop me from continuing. Although me rambling doesn’t happen often, when it does happen, it can get bad.

“Right sorry” I apologized and stopped talking so she can get to her point.

“I wasn’t suggesting me; however I do know who is perfect for the job” she began smiling. My stomach lurched and I began to get nervous.

“Who” I asked slowly; her smile made me suspicious.

She handed me the phone and simply blinked at me.

“Oh, no. No way” I argued. The second she handed me the phone I knew who she was referring to.

“Who else are you going to call” she snapped, it was true, but it was horrible.

“Anyone but her!” I almost wanted to beg her, to find another solution but part of me knew that it was my only choice.

“Do you want to get revenge or not?” Emma was finally letting me get my revenge but for this cost… it made me wonder if it was worth it.

I sighed, defeated, and snatched the phone out of her hand. “You really think its going to work”

“You really have to ask, it’s her.”

I sighed again, defeated, and dialed the numbers.


“Hey, Becca, it’s me, Zoey. I really need your help with something.”


A knock on the door sent my stomach through different loops and flips. Emma smiled evilly at me and I bit my lip. Looking at the front door, it was like watching the beginning of a horror movie where you’re expecting the death of the person to come soon; sadly that person was me. I walked slowly towards the door, hearing the sound of my heart beat and the music from Friday the thirteenth playing in my head. Chills shot up my spine as I reached for the doorknob. I twisted it and opened the door only to be embraced by the sound of a shrill scream. “Zoey”, Becca screamed out my name. My ears rung out and I blinked in shock. “My god, you have not changed. You’re still flat chested, and skinny. At least you’re beautiful” she smiled, hugging me. Yeah you haven’t changed either; you’re still as hateful as ever. I faked a smile and returned the hug the best I could. I walked back in and Emma made a face at me making fun of Becca.

When Becca walked in, she looked around in awe. I looked my sister over trying not to glare at her. She had long bleach blonde spiral curly hair that hung all the way down to her waist. She had big boobs and tiny waist; she looked as though she was a playboy bunny. Becca had the skin tone of a pearl and was always the center of attention. She always got whatever she wanted and left me in her shadows. Most of the time people didn’t believe we were related. She had the pearl skin tone and I had the olive skin tone, different hair colors, different everything; we looked nothing alike. It didn’t help back in high school she was the cheerleader and I had been the “nerd” who kept to herself and didn’t talk to many people. After high school, I got contacts, replaced my wardrobe, and improved my image; but her; she's always been beautiful and has always had the attention of everyone.

She pulled her short shorts down and adjusted her halter top so she wasn’t showing as much skin as she normally does. “So what does my wonderful sister need my help with?” Emma rolled her eyes but said nothing.

“Well I’ve got a little bit of a roommate situation” I began but Becca already held up a finger to interrupt me.

“I'm not going to fight a girl for you, I'm sorry but you have to fight your own battles if it’s going to be like this”, she said coldly.

“Well that’s the thing… it’s a guy” I spoke slowly as though I was watching my words leave my mouth.

“It’s a what? You’re living with a guy” she practically screamed, she was still a stereotypical cheerleader at heart. Before she could continue, I told her the story.

“So you want me to pretend to date him just so that way you can get revenge because he’s doing the same thing with his friend?” She walked around the room and bit her lip thinking.

“Well yeah that’s the plan. This sounds bad, but from what I’ve heard, I think it’s well deserved. Not to mention, it’s going to be fun. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this” she smiled almost bragging as she said this. Emma said ‘slut’ under her breath but Becca apparently didn’t hear her. “So where does he hang out a lot?”

“He hangs at the bar-night club I own, Electric Pulse, I see him there a lot” Emma said and Becca smiled.

“Time to get dressed up” Becca screamed this before running to my room and throwing around my clothes looking for something the three of us could wear for tonight.

She eventually found a clingy red dress that had no back whatsoever with shiny red heels for her to wear tonight. She picked out a short tight sapphire blue dress for me to wear with black heels. For Emma, she picked out a light pink dress that was almost too tight on Emma to wear with my white wedge heels. After doing our make up and hair we were ready to begin our plan of what was going to happen tonight.


We walked into the club and looked around. The VIP girls were dancing around the poles and it was busy like normal. We looked at the bar areas knowing he would be at the bar with his friends and saw his friends. Smiling I pointed at Chris to my sister and she grinned. “He’s attractive, he’s definitely someone I would hook up with” she said and Emma rolled her eyes mouthing ‘slut’.

We walked over to Chris and his friends to begin the plan; part of me was nervous, the other was excited and dying to get revenge. Either way, my heart was pounding in my chest and all I could hear was the sound of my heart thumping around in my body. Ryan caught my eye before I knew it and he greeted me with a smirk. He had somewhat of a muscular tone but was mostly lanky, a tan, sandy brown hair and freckles all over his face. He had dark brown eyes and a tiny nose. He wasn’t bad looking, but he definitely thought he was better looking than he actually was.

 He nudged Chris and nodded in our direction. Chris turned our direction and frowned… until he saw my sister. His face changed, but not much. He was suspicious, as he should be. Inside I was grinning and excited to get revenge but I kept my guard up to not give it away.

“You must be my sister’s roommate” Becca smiled and stuck out her hand. “Chris is it? I'm Becca” she introduced.

“Yeah that would be me” Chris said coldly. I knew he was attracted but he was holding back.

“I was hoping you would be less attractive so that way I could have a reason to dislike you, so far I like what I see” she smiled eyeing him up to down.

“Oh really” he asked back, starting to bite the bait.

“Yeah, I hope I’m not the only one feeling an attraction” she spoke flirtatiously. Suddenly a light bulb clicked on in my head, I knew what would seal the deal.

“Yeah, I’m feeling it too…” I grabbed Ryan’s jacket and dragged him on the floor, dancing with him. Time seemed to move by so slow on the dance floor, all my worries slipped away and Ryan dragged me against him smiling. I leaned against him dancing and pushed me softly forward to spin me and pulled me back to him again. I let out a laugh as I hit my back against his chest leaning against him. I felt a connection arise, and I began to think that he wasn’t trying to date me for Chris’ revenge. He spun me again and pulled me to him again but this time he pulled me towards him with my chest facing his chest. With one finger, he lifted my chin and kissed me.



She wasn’t going to ruin my favorite spot. I determined that today as Ryan bragged about the date he had with Zoey. Besides wouldn’t it make her madder if I continued to show up at the place that she doesn’t want me at? That’s what I'm after anyways, making her mad and I figure while I’m at it, I can enjoy the VIP girls, or at least most of them. We were relaxing at the bar when Ryan nudges me. I look up to see Zoey, her friend I met and a new girl who I have never seen before. This new one was beyond attractive; however I got a feeling that she was trashy. She had big boobs, probably a big butt, definitely the head cheerleader in high school who went around the football team. She was hot, really hot, but I just got a weird feeling of this girl suddenly showing up when we were attempting to make each other’s lives hell.

“You must be my sister’s roommate” the blonde smiled and stuck out her hand. “Chris is it? I'm Becca” she introduced herself but I really couldn't care. I didn’t trust her to save my life no matter how attracted I was to her. I was surprised by the fact that they were related; they looked nothing alike and Zoey was well, Zoey.

“Yeah that would be me” I spoke, it wasn’t much, I kept it as short as possible. I didn’t know what her game was but I wasn’t buying into it just quite yet.

“I was hoping you would be less attractive so that way I could have a reason to dislike you, so far I like what I see” she said and smiled eyeing my body up to down. I held back a smile; I'm too paranoid, she just wants to get into my pants. That’s okay with me.

“Oh really” I flirted back and part of me was just screaming hurry up.

“Yeah, I hope I’m not the only one feeling an attraction” she continued flirtatiously. I couldn't wait to find out where this ends; now that I’ve met her I'm thinking she's not as trashy as I thought she was.

“Yeah, I’m feeling it too…” As soon as Zoey said that, my mood was kind of ruined. I watched, in disgust, Zoey pull Ryan to the dance floor, and how she was all over him. My mood was soured, and I felt so disgusted. She wants to use my friend against me? Fine, I’ll use her sister against her; it would be so much worse to use someone from your own blood against you. Ill just add it to another part of my plan of ruining her life. I began to drag her to the dance floor when I saw Ryan kiss Zoey. I just froze in shock, seriously Ryan does he have any sort of respect for his friend? How can you do that to someone who is your friend? Why are they all accepting her, like she's not the evil psycho roommate who is making my life hell?

“What do you say we take this back to your house” Blondie asked, rubbing her fingers down my chest. I smiled and let her lead me to the exit. Looking at the blonde next to me, I knew that it was going to be a good night.


The End

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