Chapter 5: Bambi - The V.I.P.Mature


It was true… Everyone did know about it… I was mindlessly strolling over Facebook, when for some reason; I brought up Sam’s profile. It showed that he recently changed his relationship status to in a relationship with Cassandra. I lost control as my hand clicked the mouse on the comments people posted on the change. Everyone said the same thing in different ways, ‘you guys finally came out’ or ‘finally I was wondering when you were going to make it official’ or the best one ‘finally you left the dumb b**** and got with Cassandra, like truly who doesn’t realize that you were dating someone else for that long of a time’, and many, many more similar comments. As in 300+ comments more, not to mention all the likes people had put on the comments that slandered me. Chris was right, everything he said about me was right.

I couldn’t look away from the screen and every comment seemed to be another stab at my heart. All the breath left my body; I could literally feel my heart breaking again. My eyes watered, I began to shake, and I felt a sob trying to erupt… that was until I heard the door being unlocked. I froze mid sob and all the anger flooded back. Chris. It had been days since Chris’s rant at the meeting the grant set up. I didn’t care when he came back, or even if he came back. It should be me who didn’t return to the house. I exited out the Facebook unable to read another stab at me.

I watched out the corner of my eye as the door opened to reveal… him. Chris froze when he saw me, but turned away as though he didn’t see me. I rolled my eyes and my fists balled; if I didn’t hate him before, I definitely did now.

Silence. That is all I wanted, and I'm glad that’s what I got. I pretended as though I was focused on something on the computer, while clutching the mouse so tight my knuckles were a shade of white. Though I got silence, I felt eyes watching my every move.

“What do you want?” I sneered and he jumped a little, surprised.

“Nothing.” His tone was no longer confident, no longer cocky, it was different. Nonetheless I still hated him just as much as before.

“Oh, for once you have nothing to say? Or are you just going to wait until the next meeting to tell me how you really feel, and publicly humiliate me?”

He opened his mouth but I cut him off, growing increasingly angry by the second. “Next time, keep your mouth shut and mind your own business. If you feel the need to humiliate me like that again, don’t, or else I will castrate you. So thanks for the lovely opinion and there’s something I'm forgetting… Oh that’s right. I hope you burn in hell.” I stormed off to my room ignoring the appalled-open mouthed face he had on.




I smiled as I drove to work, my mood improving dramatically after I snapped at Chris. I worked at the most popular and largest bar/night club in town, called Electric Pulse. I was either a waitress, or a hostess. There were go-go dancers (which here were called the V.I.P.s), strippers and singers. Each one of these got their own floor; it was like several places in one place. Although they were separate floors, there was a balcony on each floor, and behind the balconies were the walls which were made out of glass. The go-go dancers, the bar, and the night club were on the first floor. The second floor was the restaurant, and the third was the stripper club. The fourth floor and fifth floors were currently under construction, no one at Electric Pulse except the owner actually knew what they were going to turn into. No matter what position you hold in the restaurant, if they need you in the nightclub or bar, you had no choice but to work there. It was rare that the nightclub ever needed someone from the restaurant. But today, it seemed like they were going to need a few extra hands since the night club was busier than normal.

I put on my name tag as I walked into the back room of the restaurant and pulled my hair into a pony tail. I pulled my hair into a pony tail and adjusted my black pants. I began to tuck in my shirt when the owner walked in… the owner being, ironically, Emma, my monotone best friend.

“Hey, I’m putting you on the first floor as a V.I.P.” She said and handed me an outfit. I handed it back to her.

“No way.”

“Yes way”. Her tone was strict, which means her boss side came out. She meant business which means I'm screwed.

“Come on Emma, it’s me. You know me; you know I don’t want to do this.”

“You always said you wanted to be a V.I.P.”

“No, I said that, two years ago, while I was drunk.”

“Frankly, I don’t care. I’m your boss; you’re doing this, no more objections. Get dressed and then I’ll have one of the make-up artists or maybe one of the V.I.P. girls, work on you.” Emma and I both worked at an office until Emma quit to open up the nightclub two years ago. I continued to work at the office, that was, until a year ago where I quit to join Emma. Everyone had doubts about an 18 year old opening a night club, but within a year, it became the most popular night club in the entire state. Emma had a way of running business that made it not only work immediately but better than anyone else. She was gifted, and she impressed everyone. For me, this job was only temporary until I finish school and truly start my life.

I groaned and looked at the outfit. It was a criss cross halter top and an ankle skirt with only a front and back panel. She included some underwear to wear under the skirt because the skirt revealed the side of each leg, from the waist all the way down to where the panels end the ankles. The outfit was a bright baby blue. The skirt had a trim of black ribbon with gold tassel and coins on it. Attached to the halter was a strap that I was supposed to wrap around the upper part of my stomach. I put on the outfit reluctantly and observed myself in the mirror. You could see so much of my legs, I looked like a slut. I put all the gold jewelry, which were earrings, a necklace, and huge bracelets. I looked around but I didn’t see any shoes. I opened the door and she came in immediately. She smiled at the sight.

“You look like a playboy model. That’s a sexy outfit. Man I'm good. Oh here, I forgot your heels” she handed me these tall gold heels, which were a couple of inches in height. Before I could object, she narrowed her eyes, and I groaned. I sat on a nearby chair and then put the heels on, adjusting the straps that came across my feet. I stood up and noticed the difference as I looked down at Emma. “Oh, don’t give me that look. They’re only like five or six inches” and I choked at the last part. “Fine, I’ll compromise, you can wear the three inch ones” I nodded instantly and she left, returned with ones that looked the same as the ones I was wearing but with shorter heels. I switched them and smiled as I looked around.

“Okay, so there will be customers-guys who will want to dance with you. You decline politely, when they offer money, you dance with them. I recommend you don’t take anything under 10 dollars. Candy refuses any under 20. Anyways, you put the money in your top, dance to one song, then come to the night club’s back room, and you give us the money. You’ll get all of your money at the end of the night. As you know, 12:00 is the special hour. At 11:58 you go to the dressing room, you go to your vanity, and change. You have two minutes to change and get back outside. As you know all the V.I.P. girls get on the round tables that are around the night club. Every girl gets their own table, but you can share. Since you're new, you’ll get on the bar with Candy and Honey. Your nickname is Bambi. Warning, you will be introduced. You dance a lot and have to tease all the customers here. A customer gets too rowdy; spray them with the beer hose. The introduction will include a ‘bath’, you’ll be first and then everyone else will get ‘bathed’. You dance all night, if you’re not dancing with the V.I.P.s you’re with a customer. They’ll offer to do stuff for money, that’s all on you. But you know my rules about getting asked for a dance so that is the only thing that you must do when asked. No fighting, no stealing customers, we must respect each other, and if you see a V.I.P. in need of help you must help. I find out that this happens; your pay is taken away on two weeks of the next five where you make the most amount of money. And V.I.P. girls make a lot of money. If you get a spontaneous good idea, tell me, and you could do it. There’s more for you to know… but you’ll catch on and the girls will help. But other than that you should be okay.” She walked out and a few seconds later, Honey whose real name was something along the lines of Sarah, walked in.

She spent the next ten minutes working on my make-up. She smiled when she was finished. “Did she explain to you the rules and what not?” I nodded. “Okay, well since you’re new you're working at the bar...” I thought that I was… “Okay I don’t think she explained it thoroughly. You’re new, so basically you're a bartender until its time where you move up to having your own table. You still accept people’s requests for a dance, after they offer money… As a bartender, you flirt with the customers, and serve them drinks. In a little, you move up, and get your own table and then dance on the tables and have fun all night. You're going to be like that girl on ‘coyote ugly’ basically. Trust me, it sounds like nothing but you’ll be busy. There’s a lot of nights where there’s shows with choreography, but don’t worry about that until later. The men here are wolves and we are their meat. So if you're afraid to be mean, you need a new job.” We got up and headed towards the door. I stared at the door, seeking the club lights sneaking through any space. “Are you ready” she asked and I took a deep breath.

“Honestly, no.” I mean, I have never done anything like this before.

“Too bad!” And she pushed me outside, to face the wolves.



Her words stuck in my head all day. No one had ever had that much anger in their look in their eyes, no one had words with such hate, and certainly no one had ever told me that they hoped I burned in hell. I was getting what I wanted, why did I feel so… if only I knew the words. I shook the feeling off and rubbed the back of my neck as I watched the girls dance on the tables around me. We were at my favorite night club, Electric Pulse, but I didn’t feel like I normally did when I came here. I was in a funk, and even Electric Pulse couldn’t get me out of it. I guess I haven’t drunk enough. I took another shot, my sixth one, and stared over the girls in their adult costumes dancing. My funk prevented any girls from sticking out to grab my attention, it had prevented me from wanting to flirt, today just wasn’t my day. Groaning, I snatched up Lexi’s shot and drank that one too. She punched my arm and I shrugged. Ryan nudged my arm and pointed at one girl dancing on the bar. I haven’t seen her here before, must be a newbie.

“Look at her; I don’t think I've ever seen her before. She's so hot! Dude… just look at her” Ryan began but I zoned out. She danced to the music, and seductively too. The way her hips moved was almost hypnotizing. I just want to see her face, I just wanted her. I had to have her. Images like a fast slideshow popped in my head, of a night I would spend with her. I can tell that it would be the best one night stand I’d ever had. That butt, that waist, those hips, those curves, that figure, filled me with lust, and set my body on fire. I had to have her. She began to turn my way and every hair on my body stood up, sending chills down my spine. I’d swear I’d have her, even if it was for one night. She was almost turned fully towards my direction until my view was blocked by a hand waving.

“You aren’t even listening” Ryan sneered angry; the only time he ever gets this angry about a conversation is if the person he was talking to wasn’t listening for a long time. How long did I zone out on her? “I was saying if you want Cleopatra, that Egyptian goddess you were literally with your mouth open for, then you should ask her for a dance. You know the policy here, just ask the V.I.P. girls for a dance and pay them and they’ll dance with you. You remember that’s how it works, that’s how you got Malibu or Barbie or whatever name it was, to dance with you and then you were able to hook up with her. So do that with that Egyptian chick” he said and I began to smile at the thought. The girl was wearing a blue skirt that was two panels attached to a belt like trim. You could see a huge portion of the side of her leg, and the top was a halter that clung to her somewhat good sized boobs, the costume was perfect for her. She looked so freaking sexy, that my entire body was craving for. I wanted more than just seeing her. She had her faced turned but her front facing my direction. God, how she looked even better in the front. If only I could see her face.

Then the lights went out. I looked at my cell phone and realized it was about to be the special hour here. The lights would go out for two minutes but the music would continue. When the girls returned at midnight the strobe lights would go on where the girls would stand, and they would dance a certain way that with the strobe lights; it had an amazing effect. It would last from 12:00 to 12:01, just an amazing sight that unfortunately lasted only a minute. When the minute passed, the lights would completely go out, and everything including the music would go quiet. It was like pressing pause, and everyone would turn their attention to the girls’ different stations around the club.

They turned a dark blue light on above one girl, who was on a table at the front left part of the night club. A dark green light came on above a girl, who was at the back right corner. They did this in random order and random colors for all the girls around the nightclub. Every girl was wearing the same outfit, which consisted of a mini skirt, a tight revealing vest, a tie, a fedora hat, tall heels and a stick like cane. It was very sexy, and every girl was looking down, with a leg and their cane outstretched, and a hand on their hat. It was like a silhouette in the different colored lights, similar to spotlights.

“Can you party-goers say hello to the V.I.P.s?” the nightclub erupted in noise and applause. As usual, the night club instantly got quiet afterwards. The girls seemed frozen, not one had moved, they were almost picture like. “Now I am sure everyone would like to say hello to a new V.I.P.” Noise, shouts, and whistles, filled the night club once again, and instantly returned to be silent. “Everyone give a special welcome to Bambi!” All the spotlights went out and then one light returned.

The light was on the one who was just wearing the Egyptian costume, the girl who I lusted over only a few minutes ago. As though everyone hadn’t said anything the first greetings, the night club erupted in noise, twice as loud as the previous times. It seemed I wasn’t the only one who lusted over ‘Bambi’. There was something different about her, a vibe, the way she danced, her body, something I couldn’t exactly place my finger on; she didn’t seem like the typical girl to be doing this, to be put in this situation, but here she was and everyone seemed to want her just as much as me. Only difference was I was going to have her. I had to; she was like the candy in the sweet store, sweeter and more delicious than any other candy there; the most expensive and worth every penny.

“Make some noise if you want to give her the new V.I.P. welcome!” It got just as loud as it did the most recent time. My ear drums were going to explode but Bambi had all my attention. Instantly a bucket flipped over somewhere above her, splashing water on her, and she was soaked in water. Everyone applauded and she finally broke her stance. She bowed and then waved the stick/cane towards the right side of the night club. All the girls on the right, which was the front half of the night club, were soaked with water like her. Then she waved the cane towards the left side, which was the back half of the club, and the girls on that half were soaked. Everyone applauded and she bowed again. The music started, with more bass and a faster beat, again and the girls danced in their school girl uniforms. I walked over to the bar to ask Bambi for a dance confidently, even though my friends followed me there. They claimed they wanted to see what she looked like up close, when really they wanted to watch me get rejected by the goddess. She got hotter the closer we got. I was dying just walking towards her. I was now only five feet from the bar and I watched as she danced with the other girls, teasing the men who were drooling over her. We seemed to catch each other eyes at the same time, and we froze instantly.

“Zoey?” I stared in horror. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I no longer felt attracted, I felt repulsed.

“Chris?” She was just as in much in horror as I was. I said nothing, I just stared open mouthed at her.

“You know her Chris” Ryan asked smiling triumphantly. I got enough energy only to nod. I closed my mouth and licked my lips, dried just like the inside of my mouth.

“Yeah, it’s Zoey, like my roommate Zoey” I responded gulping and licking my lips. His jaw dropped at Zoey.

“Dude, that’s the roommate? The one you hate? What the hell is wrong with you? Are you gay?” He asked such a ridiculous question, that all I wanted to do was hit him. But if I was him and if it had been ten minutes ago when I didn’t realize who it was, I would have asked the same thing. She jumped off the counter and walked towards us. The closer she got, the more my skin crawled. Bambi was Zoey; Zoey was Bambi, what the hell is wrong with me? How could I not know that it was Zoey up here? Why did I have to be attracted to her? Why did she have to look attractive? Now, knowing who it was, she was just hideous like her personality. But five minutes ago, that was a whole another story. The only images flashing in my head this time was me biting a bullet, me jumping in front of a moving train, or other forms of suicide.

“You must be Chris’ friends; I'm Zoey, his roommate.” She shook everyone’s hands and watched me out of the corner of her eye. Could this get any more awkward?

“I'm Ryan; this is Chase, Zack, and Lexi. God, I hate for this to sound inappropriate, and I do hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but I just have to tell you, you are extremely beautiful” he said and flashed a smile he used when he was trying to impress girls. I hoped that she, like me, saw through it and rolled her eyes. But to my surprise, she didn’t.

“Why thank you Ryan…” she giggled and looked down. She was blushing, are you serious right now? This is my worst nightmare.

“What time does your shift end?” he asked, smiling with that flirtatious smirk. All I wanted to do was smack it off.

“Three” she frowned and Ryan only smiled more. He just wanted in her pants, and this was not Zoey. Where’s my evil conniving roommate, the stuck up one, the one who wouldn’t give Ryan the time of the day?

“Well, that sounds like that would be a good time for breakfast, don’t you think?” Did he really just ask her out? My head snapped up and Lexi smirked at me.

“It would be a fabulous time for breakfast” Zoey returned the flirtatious smile. Kill me, kill me, and please, kill me. My mouth dropped open at the events happening before my eyes.

I felt a sharp pain in my arm and I looked over to where the pain radiated from. Lexi smiled up at me, as she pulled her hand away. “What the hell Lexi” I sneered rubbing where she had pinched me.

“Well they usually say in order to prove someone isn’t dreaming, you pinch them, and I pinched you. So clearly it’s not a dream” she smirked at me and I narrowed my eyes at her. I flicked her off and Ryan spoke again, which brought my attention back to the disaster at hand.

“Well in that case, I’ll see you again at three” he told and again, she giggled like a school girl. Nausea hit me like a tidal wave. Fanning myself was all I could do from gagging.

“I hope for it” she smiled and walked back towards the bar to continue dancing. Chase, Zack, and Lexi turned towards me but I said nothing for a while. Finally, a moment later, I found the words I needed to escape this nightmare.

“Well, I’m beat, I'm going to go home to sleep”, I told and everyone nodded. I said my goodbyes to everyone and walked towards the door to leave. It was a lie; I knew I wasn’t going to get any sleep tonight. 

The End

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