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Shuler (Shy-ler) :

    Im floating gently through the sky.  The clouds surronding me.  I stop randomly and start daning to my favorite songe like a professional.  Back up dancers accompany me and suddenly were filming a music vedio and im the lead singer.  Im dancing my heart out and having loads of fun and th- Knock-kcock -kncok!

Three knocks on the door interupt  in break apart my random day dream.  My mom comes running down the hall so fast i dont get a glimps at what shes wearing.  I go to the kitchen by instinct.  My mom comes prancing up the stairs wear the biggest white high heeled boots i have everr seen then come up to her knees while wearing a way too mini- mini skirt that would be too short on a 2 year old and a halter topthat had been but in half showing off her perfectly tanned belly.  Thgis time some man i dont reconize follows her up.

"Umm hi" I say to him as he walks in the kitchen

"Hi Schuker" He says hold out his hand to me sd if h actually expects me to shake it.

"Its Schuler" I responed looking at his hand.  Afer a few minutes of him holding his hand out towards me like a retard he finally retracts his hand to his side.

"Streak, corn, mashed potatoes, garlic bread, fruit, and mixed veggies" My mom says looking at me

"Great! that sounds like a terrific meal!  You should sho off your mad cooking skills mom!" Is what i want to say but all that comes out is, "Sure"

My mom reterates to her room dragging mystery guy along too.  Gag.  I starts makinmg dinner as usual and i retert to my perfect world of music.

Like usual i ate my dinner in my room wish some pop chips and ice cream drowned in caramel and chocolate sauce.  I fell asleep late that night to the sound of my Ipod drowning out th real world.  The world i hate.

The End

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