My mom came home a few days later and hugged my dad and said she was sorry and it would NEVER happen again...... bull poopie!!!!  I've heard it all before and it always turns into lies before... yes i easedrop on my parents conversations but its not my fault they talk so loud.

Gosh why does mymom lie so much? Why dont they seperate? THEY CANNOT GET ALONG!!! UGH! i wish i wasnt stuck iliving with them!!


I turned my head in the direction to my bedroom door to see my mom walk in.  ShE smiled and pranced over to me like a retard

"MARK!!! Oh I've missed you so much~ I am so sorry for leaving in a hurry i promise it wont happen again!"  She skwelled. She attemped to hug me but i pushed her away and fled to the safety of the backyard. 

After dinner i dicided to sit in my room and read.  Something I hadn't done in a while.  Thats when it all started again.  My mom scremed in my dads face.  He yelled back.  She screamed, he yells.  She screams again, he yells back.  Angry started building up more and more inside me intil i couldn't stand it anymore.  TYime to flee for real again.  I got up and ran downstairs past my arguing annoying parents in the kitchen and out the door. 

 My feet pounded on the wet grass as a ran and ran on the trail to the road leading to the feild.  I ran and ran.  I started to breath harder and harder in huffs and puffs.  I needed to run off the angry and escape my pathetic parents.  Running was my favorite thing.  I was really good at it when i was angry.  I dicieded to go back to the forest like last time and this time take a diffrent way through it.  The forest was as spictacular as before.  Only little shimmers of light came in and the forest held secrets that no one would ever know  the real truth too.  I ended up going out the forest the same way as the last time.  I saw the same girl sitting on the lawn but she looked way diffrent.  Glassesl, bagg jeans, baggy ol,d shirt stained with blood, glasses, book and no cell phone and unbrushed hair.  I had enough i turned around and ran back home.

The End

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