Cat FightMature


Stares followed me as I walked silently through the crowded courtyard, traveling forward for the big confess. First you could see my little group from their fashionable clothing, perfectly flawless hair and the surrounding frat guys that waited for their attention from those bitches. When Amelia , my closest friend, saw me she nearly fainted into one of the guys. She had this totally shocked face, just from what I looked like. Instead of wearing skirts, I wore my sweat pants, a nice loose top and very little makeup. I didn't do much for my hair, I just let it air dry, which gave it a cool authentic, down to earth look. Soon enough others in the group followed her expression from one look at me.

Des, what happened?”

Are you poor?”

Did someone died?”

Oh my god, we have to fix your makeup.”

What's up with your messed up hair?”

Yes...They actually asked if someone died.

The idiot boys took one look at me and walked away. That gave me a sense of pride. My plan was working!

Don't worry! I'm not poor, my makeup's fine, nobody died and this is my natural hair.” I gave them all a quick smile. They still were giving me what the fuck? Looks. I rolled my eyes. They can be so dumb sometimes.

Okay, please just tell us what's wrong with your style today, 'cause looking at it is making me have cramps.” Amelia gasped as she looked over it yet again. I took a deep breath. This was it. They will either be with me and follow like lost puppies in need of a friend, or I'll become a total misfit.

I hate pretending to be someone I'm not. This is me, give or take.” I didn't breath when I waited for their reply. Nothing. They were totally silent for about three minutes, some fidgeted with loose strains while others just stared at me as if I was a blue martin with orange poke-a-dots and a neon rainbow of hair.

I waved a hand at Amelia's face. “Hello? Speak Amelia? I'm still the fun, loving Des. Just a little changed on the outside.”

She looked up at me, glaring. I took a step back. Whoa, not something I was expecting.

So you've been lying to us this entire time? You pretended to be someone you're so totally not to be in my presence?” She screamed at me, fist at her side, a evil look glowing in her eyes. That did it. Nobody called me a liar and got away with it. I took a step forward and got all up in her face.

That is so not true! You are the one who's lying! Not just you Amelia, all of you! Following me around, dressing like me, talking like me , LOOKING LIKE ME! I fucking hate it! Just be your selves!” Before I knew it, Amelia was on me, scratching my face, arms and attempting to punch my head.

Don't. You. Dare. Call. Me. A. Liar!” She screeched between slaps. All I could do was lay there. I watched little of what she did and more on the crowd. A audience was forming, filled with shocked wanna-Be's and boys. Some of them hooted and others gasped. Amelia slapped my nose hard, which led to it bleeding.

That's it, break it up girls.” Someone called. At first I thought it was a teacher and we were busted. I saw some hands push Amelia to the ground and she screamed, but was caught by some of the girls, holding her back. Someone finally helped me up. My shirt was covered in my life's blood. My nose was on fire.

Are you okay?” the person asked. I turned around to see a familiar stranger. Mark from my English class. He didn't really had friends. My “Friends” used to make fun of him from his troubles at home. That's one of the other reasons why I left.

Oh, yeah! I'm great! I finally got out of the popularity deal! This is great!” I must of looked crazy. Grinning like a fool, blood smearing all over my face and clothes. He started laughing. I joined in with him. Tears formed in my eyes from laughing so hard. We fell to the ground, leaning against a random tree.

After we were left to nothing but mere giggles, I managed to say, “So, what's wrong with your life?”

The End

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