Blocked OutMature

Schuler (Sky-ler):


I layed on the old disgusting couch in the living room,  that my mother refused to throw away, looking at the ceiling.  A knock on the door soon interupted my thoughts.  I got up seeing that my mother was not in sight which meant she was probably still getting dressed or doing her make up.  I got up off the couch as the knock on the door came to a constant pounding.  I walked down the 10 or so steps and opened the door wide.  Ther stood an oldish looking man in a some what formal outfit ( Grey suit pants and a niceish blue shirt tucked in) holding some flowers which almost fell to the ground when he saw it was me.

"HARRY!!!" Boomed a fimiliar voice that now was extremely babyish.  I turned around to see me mom wearing a way to tight black mini dress and 4 inch high heels. She hugged Harry and gave him a kiss as went running up the stairs and into the kitchen.  A few inutes later my mother walked in the kich followed by Harry. 

"Lasagna, salad, garlic toast and vegitables for dinner tonight" She said to me before walking down the hall and into her bedroom still followed by the stupid man she called Harry as she shut and locked the door.  Gross.  This happened almost everyday.  I went to my room downstairs and retreived my most prized posession.  My i-pod.  I put on the headphones and put on the randomist song and went back up-stairs to make dinner. 

 two hours later my mom and stupid man came to the table just as i put the last plate down which countained her favorite appitizer.  Garlic Bread.   They immediatly started to dig in as i grabbed me a glass of milk, still listening to music, and them two wine glasses and a bottle of my moms favorite red wine. I grabbed all the food I wanted for the night including my dinner, chips, a few cans of soda, pretzels, ice cream and of course an apple.  My favorite. 

I ran downstgairs in a hurry and tossed my loot on the chair in the corner of my room shut my door  and slid the chain into place.  I layed down on my bed and let my music take me to a whole other place.

The End

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