Running Away.Mature



The frosted grass crackled under my barefeet.  I breathed hard.  I hadnt run this far in a long time.  I had been running for a couple hours now and i was sure my parents wouldnt notice my absence.  They never do.  My Mom walked out the door again today after another day of yelling and screaming at my father and him yelling back.  God,  I hated them!  Back to my running.  I looked to my right and saw the old cemitary i used to pass everyday when life at home sucked but things got some what better and in a result I ran less.  Now I run past it again thinking of what motel my mom was staying at this time.  I looked up again from my feet to see I was now in a forest.  Wierd I didnt remeber a forest what ever though i still have angry to run of so i might as well keep running. 

       The forest was an amazing place to disacover.  It felt like no one had ever been here before.  For the first time ever while i have been running, I stopped.  I looked around.  This was the best place ever.  The trees grew tall and proudblocking out all most all of the sun letting in one little shimers of the sun light.  The branches grew freely and lazily drooping down a little bit with long beatiful grandfathers beard moss hanging on all of the branches.  The ground was soft and undisturbed like no one had been here in over a hundred years.  I only stopped to acess my surrondings and take a mental picture then i took off running again looking at only my feet. 

    Time went by and i soon emerged from the trees just to be surronded by darkness.  The stree lights flickeredin the near by streets as cars passed my with great speed.  I turned and ran back in the forest eger to run off the last bit of my angry and get home for a nice cup of cold water and to go to bed to peace and quiet for once in my life.  Just before i ran straight into the woods i looked to my right across the street and saw a girl sitting on th lawn.  She looked like one of those perfect barbie doll clones that invade the world talking on her cell phone and shook my head at her as i ran back into the woods.

The End

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