Unwanted Fame.Mature


I sit under the old oak tree that grows in the center of the courtyard just outside our school while my followers gossip and laugh, soaking up the glory of being in my presence. I'm not trying to be rude or anything, I'm telling the truth. They follow me. Listen to every word I utter. I lead them through the school everyday with a half smile on my perfect face. Only it's not a smile. It's fake. Behind that is a grimace of regret and loneliness. I did not wish to become popular. To have my fellow peers adore me with such love that it's suffocating. I walked into this school and was welcomed for my looks and riches.

I look at my so called friends, flirting with the near by boys, twirling their identical styles of my hair. I roll my eyes at them. They try to sound like me, look like me , act like me; I hate it! All I ever wanted was real friends. But apparently thats impossible in this school.

Unless I faked my own death...

No. That's just stupid. Creative but stupid.

I sigh and walk away, not saying a single word to them. They barley notice my absence, being distracted by the flirtatious boys and all. I climb into my blue truck, the familiar smell of tobacco welcomes me. I inhale deeply, smiling happily as I start the ignition. The old truck roars to life, finally drawing attention to my “friends.” They start running towards me with eager curiosity and worriment. Like I was going to leave them behind.

That's not actually a bad idea.

I quickly pull out of my reserved spot in the parking lot, screeching loudly. They're too slow, running in 2 inch heels. I laugh evilly as I speed my way towards the exit. I hear their sad little screams becoming harder to hear for I was going way over the speed limit, trying to get away from their copycat looks.

From this speed I make it home in a matter of minutes. I slam my foot on the break. Laughing of course for my devious and ruthless escape. But I know that I'll get the consequences soon enough. I continue my laugh riot, dancing my way into my home. “Hey, whats with the insane giggling?” My older sister, Emily asks. I stare at her in a envious glare. She looks like me, but dresses differently. Wearing normal faded blue jeans, a simple white T-shirt with golden embroider of intertwining vines and flowers on one side. She wears glasses instead of contacts like me and keeps her shiny golden locks in a high pony tail, swaying every time she moved. She's not as popular like me, but she does have a lot of friends. Real friends. They accept her for who she is, not what they want her to be. I wish I were her.

Escaped the killing clones.” I mutter. She laughs along with me. Emily is the only one in the entire family who gets what I have to go through at school. She agrees with me that I could do better. Much better.

You do know there is only one way to finally ditch those bee-otchs.” She said while wrapping a arm around my shoulder. “How?” I wined.

First change your look into something you actually like, be yourself and finally fine people who understand you.” She gives me a long, knowing look before leaving the room.

I sit down on the leather couch thinking: If I am lucky, I'll find them soon. 

The End

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