The Beauty And Brutality of Life.Mature

The story of four teens in trouble and how they got through it all.


The complexity of life is a serious thing. It could be beautiful, it could be brutal. It could be fair and simple then in a split second it could turn ugly. There are no second chances, so why take life for granted? The line between life and death is so simple yet difficult to understand. If today was your last day, would you live each moment like your last?

If you let me. I can tell you a story about life. The way they got through the good and the bad. It's about a girl who escaped in music despite her terrible past. A boy who ran to get away from the troubles at home. A hidden girl lost in her own fame. And a boy who never uttered a word to the abuser.

They've gotten through so much, horrible occurrences. You may have your simple story, now allow me to share ours.

The End

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