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In the future, when vampires had come out of hiding, Alexis Velter leaves home to return a book for a friend with deadly consequences...

Alexis stood with his back to the the wall, his frail heart thundering in his chest. A low, cracked hum rang deep in his throat as he took in deep, terrified breaths.

What was once an innocent errand had turned into a deadly game of cat and mouse...


Alexis held the heavy scissors with a shaky hand, staring at himself in the mirror, wondering if this is really what he wanted to do. Would he regret mutilating his body after he cut it? The thing that made Alexis himself - gone?

With a loud sigh he lifted his quivering hand.


'I can't do it!' 

Alexis looked at the bathroom floor where a single strand of golden hair lay. He looked at himself again miserably, there was no way he was going to cut off all that hair when he'd been growing it for the past seven years of his life!

His mouth turned down in distaste at the uneven mess at the front of his head. This was terrible. His hair looked terrible. 

Shaking his head at his own idiocy, he dropped the iron scissors in the bathroom sink. As he sauntered into the dining room, his eyes fell upon a little book. A recipe book to be exact.

Checking his watch, Alexis glanced out of his little, barred window. The sky was dyed a light peach and the sun could be half-seen setting through the city scape. He gulped, was it safe to go out? Ivan lived about five blocks down and the curfew was in fifteen minutes...

But Ivan said she needed that book tonight, he argued with himself, she said it was really important.

Making a quick, foolish decision, Alexis shoved his feet into his boots and made a mad dash for the door, whizzing down the flat's staircase like a hurricane. His boots clattered loudly along the pavement, his mouth parted as he inhaled the cold evening air deeply to keep the cogs that were his muscles moving.

Then, one and a half block's down to his sisters house, the last ray of light evaporated into the oncoming darkness. And the fear of death had wound itself tight against Alexis' common sense - and the boy kept on running.

His calves ached, and thighs seized up in protest; but Alexis just ran harder despite the searing pain in his freezing lungs. 

Before long, he found himself lost.

And lost in the city on a full moon was the very last place Alexis wanted to be. 


The End

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