It's Perspective

It was ready to close the deal. It wouldn’t fail a second time. The last time had been close. It had managed to wage an effective campaign of inspiration filled, but sleepless nights, and was sure that he would be consumed entirely and work for only It’s own desire. Attacking during early adolescents had been one of It’s key strategies throughout the millennia. Once imbedded within the young individual, during this impressionable time it simply became a waiting game. It’s seed would often bare fruit during early adulthood. But something had gone wrong and It had lost this one. The seed had lain dormant and had to wait until he had entered into his 29th year. And that was now.

 As the life giving flood gates had opened It felt a surge of ecstasy like power. The individual was now within It’s grasp and held tighter than ever before. He had been helpless to stem the tide of thoughts and had been working furiously to meet the demands It was placing on his hyper alert consciousness. Having worked him hard for three continuous days and nights It knew that the time to ease back from the full on assault was near. It had to make sure that the individual didn’t burn out. It had lost a number of individuals in the past. There was no exact science on how to close the deal, but It felt confident that this one would succumb to It’s will very soon.

 It had learnt through experience that the individual needed time to adjust and adapt to the onslaught of fevered mental stimulation. Too little and the individual would fill their lives with the meaningless and benign, thus pushing It out into the deepest recesses of the mind. Too much and the individual could self destruct with spectacular results. Drugs, alcohol, family, work or life itself could provide the catalyst that It needed to spring a frenzied attack on an individual, but in a strange twist of fate these same things could also sound the death knoll for It. Rendering It into obscurity never returning to that person again. Think long enough and you will readily recognise the names of those who It helped destroy.

In seeking to inspire others and plant a seed, It had manage to get the balance wrong on any number of occasions. The end results were there for all to see. A twisted body on the ground below a suitably high enough bridge or balcony. The warm bath tub with the life blood of the individual seeping out through both wrists. The back of the head left gapping where the self inflicted bullet exited. Not all the individuals who suffered from sleepless nights at the hands of It suffered this fate. There are those who have burnt brightly but not burnt out.

Admittedly they have not lived ‘normal’ lives like so many others. They have somehow survived, hung on in there and planted an uncountable number of seeds in others. Through self harm, drug addiction and countless other forms of abuse and excess they managed to effectively do It’s dirty work for many years. It was particularly proud of these successes and the long term benefits that these brightly burning stars would have far outlasted the original vessels life time. And this was It’s plan for the current individual who was now being allowed a little recuperation time before It would amp up the pressure and force It’s own will back into production.

If It could have smiled it would have done. Things were going well with the current individual, but there was always the fine balancing of factors that had to be carefully managed. The extremes facing It were to be buried so deep within the subconscious so as never to resurface, or to over play its hand and end up killing the vessel. An age old problem, but as the advancement of the Human race could testify It had more wins than losses.

The End

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