He suddenly felt his woolly hat loosening and he began to fall to the ground. Could it be that his hat was sacrificing itself for him?

He landed on the ground again.  BUMP!  He looked up and saw the hat flying in the other direction.  It landed in the duckpond.  Oh no... he'd liked that hat, and it was the only thing keeping his head warm. 

He had heard somehere that most of the body's heat is lost through the head.  He couldn't remember where he'd heard that.  Maybe it was in one of the programmes that Katy's mother watched all day.  Anyhow, he wasn't sure if it was true, and if it was, did it even apply to teddy bears, or indeed, soft toys in general?

He watched as two booted feet approached him again.  He was going to be picked up and shaken again, probably even more violently this time.  He was sure of it.

He was wrong.  This time the insult was a kick, which lifted him into the air and sent him flying in the same direction as the woolly hat.  On the upward trajectory, he sees the grinning, acne-ridden face of his assaulter...

The End

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