The bear and the woolly hat

It wasn't as foggy as it had been earlier, but the bear decided that he still wanted to keep his wooly hat on to keep out the increasingly chill north wind. He had been left at the park a week before by that insufferable girl called Katy, and wasn't at all sad as she had been...well, rather insufferable. As he looked around wondering if he could find a pigeon or two to keep him company, he realised that the fog was descending again which, in addition to the ever darkening day, was making him feel rather depressed.

Suddenly he sensed a large shadow looming out of the fog to his left and, with a gasp, he was swung up into the air and shaken violently. His past, and rather short, life flickered before his eyes, and he realised that there was so still so much that he wanted to achieve.

The End

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