The battles of gangland LA

i just got the idea looking at the 'STOP marijuana' advert next to where im writing this now, so im just gonna start writing and see where it takes me, but this isnt gonna b great, because its only my second attempt at a story EVER, and, well, lets just say, its not my strongest tallent!

'Team B in position, over.' The voice of the 16 year-old boy, one of Los Angeles' most fearsome gang members, came through the radio over the buzz of static; fuzzy, yet cold and fearsome. As he heard this, Gabriel, the leader of the gang, slipped the radio into his pocket and a sadistic smile played across his face 'Open fire boys,' he commanded the team of criminals lying on the rooftop around him, the excitement sounding in his voice, 'lets show those Hell's army b*******s what the Apache Commandos have got!' he yelled as the unmistakeable sounds of a vicious gunfight breaking out reached his ears and he raised his own shotgun to join the battle.

Meanwhile, in seven strategic points, a radius of three blocks around the shooting scene, Teams B through H lay in wait for the gang members running away. They had strict rules to capture the women and children, whilst shooting the men, or rather, boys, on sight. For the trembelling, but determind new members, it was a chance to prove themselves to some of LA's toughest, and most wanted men. A victorious performance here could leave them as a potential leader in the future. For the more experienced 15-20 year-olds, it was a more serious matter of pride and respect at stake. Mess up, and, as they had seen happen to many others gbefore them, they would die a brutal death.

All of a sudden, four youths dressed in black motercycle leathers rounded the corner, onto the street looked over by Team D, and fingers tightened on triggers...


The End

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