The Wind Lord

Greenland; June 23rd, 3021

 A man wakes up from the frozen snow of Greenland. It was 4 days ago that him and a team of mountain climbers from Washington, D.C. came here to climb the ferocious Icy Rock Mountain. The Wind was excruciatingly painful, and when the group decided to go back down, the wind pushed him down quite fast, with a lot of pain. He felt his life being blown into the heavens, and had fallen into what he thought was an endless sleep. But he knew, when he had 'died', he had gained something with it. Now, he curiously wakes up, aching to see what really happened. After he gets himself together, he feels scared, and throws his arms into defense position. But oddly, he hears a sound, as if he had moved the wind. Then, a barely audible voice comes from an invisible creature, it says:

"You, my friend, are not dead. Not hurt, or injured, or sick in any way. When you fell, you gained a power. You are the lord of the wind. You control all wind, and can use the wind to your advantage. It is only a matter of time before you have the opportunity to make your way to be Lord of Elements, but you will have competition, and the fight will be perilous and deadly. Watch your back, the other three element Lords are no friends of yours, major enemies indeed."

The new Wind Lord asked himself, "What the heck just happened?"

The End

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