The Lord of Fire

Madagascar; June 23rd, 3021

In the deserted island of Madagascar, an envied, hated man sits in his throne, with a cocky, yet unsatisfied countenance. This man is the ruler of Madagascar, but that is not his most prestigious position. The ruler is also the Fire Lord, who controls all fire. Even outside the island, the lord of fire is envied. He is also a Power-Hungry Menace who will never be satisfied until the world in his hands. While all element lords  have their eye on that throne, the Fire Lord will be willing to wipe out anything that will get in his way of the world throne. All except one, the Water. Though he may be a pacafist, and the farthest thing from arrogant, this lord is a very powerful man, and if conflict occurs with the lords, the Water Lord has a definite victory within battle. The Fire Lord knew what he needed to do to sit in the thrown with power of the world.

"I know what I have to do," The Fire Lord Exclaimed, "Destroy the Water Lord and the Throne is MINE!"

The End

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