The Battle of the Lords

Inspired from my favorite book, Angels and Demons, I have decided to make a story where a Worldwide battle leads to something that can end Humanity as we know it. This story is between the Fire Lord, the Wind Lord, the Water Lord, and the Air Lord. With these four lords controlling each element, the battle for the ruler of the world position is coming. But the fate may be decided to the surprise of all the lords...

Antarctica; June 23rd, 3021

The serene, nearly deserted area of Antarctica has been blown into a tornado of fear. Upon the throne, sits the water lord. He controls this valuable element, and watches the world fight in perilious, chaotic battles. He sits with fear, thinking, War is Coming, yes, War is Coming. His opinions start to change, about his diplomatic actions, and how his issolation and uselessness of his powers hasn't helped to placate the world and defend from disaster. Accross the Prime Meridian, in the rich, priveleged area of Eastern Europe, the countenance of common man is no longer a happy countenance, but an angry, fearful one. The class and social ability of the common man has changed over the years, halos turning to devil horns, as nice, glad people become angry selfish jerks.

"The people of earth are splitting. Everybody wants to be incharged. These people are becoming selfish now," The Water Lord thought with fear, "War is coming, War is approaching. And we have no choice but to procure our dignity and be diplomatic."

The End

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