The Reunion of StrangersMature

I couldn't explain it, but there was something that drew me to this town. Thinking back, this wasn't just a small town I had happened across, but a town that happened across me. As I sat on the roof of the school I began to head chatter. 

I glided down to the side of the building and saw a girl in black walking out of a building. I closed my eyes and concentrated on her aura and commanded a small chill to be blown towards her. Her body heated instantly to counter the cold. It seemed almost spontaneous. I followed her  down a path to the lake and moments later someone followed in close pursuit.

“I told you about what I am, and you chose not to believe.  That’s not my fault.” The one wearing black said.

What she is? What does she mean by this?

 A few seconds later the other one jumped in claiming she could breathe underwater. What was happening? A hot sensation burned through my head as images ran through my head. Visions of lost memories flashed before my eyes as I saw three figures standing before me. Each with a different aura draped over their bodies. 

"These two," I whispered and smiled. "But where's the third?"

Instinct took over as if there was someone controlling me as I jumped in front of them. I stared them down as one of them was about to point and say something to me. I drew my hands from my side and pulled the air from their lungs causing them to pass out. Their bodies crashed to the ground as I grabbed their wrists lifting them slightly so that a pillow of air carried them. I brought them up to the sky and used the clouds as cover. 

Scanning the ground I found a building that had seemed abandoned. Slowly bringing the two bodies down I placed them next to each other as I check the surrounding area and the inside. Only to hear someone breathing. 

Sending another small breeze towards the warm presence the wall around the unknown shadow closed so the person could stay warm.

"Who's there?!" The person called, noticing that the building had moved to cover her. 

"I need help!" I called in return. The door opened and a small girl came out and I instantly knew she was the fourth. "I found two people outside unconscious and I think it's about to rain!" I swirled my hands behind me and slowly began to bring in some storm clouds, but not enough to make it rain.

"Oh!" She seemed shocked as she helped me carry the still limp bodies in.

I let out a small sigh as the eerie feeling that I was being controlled faded, but one feeling lingered. The feeling that I had just brought together a group of people that were never meant to be separated in the first place. A group of strangers, reunited. But under what circumstances?

The End

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