The GirlMature

A million questions rolled through my head like a slot machine, and they spun around in my brain.  I had no idea whether to trust this Samantha or be afraid of her.  This girl: the subject of my nightmares.  The tension in the air caused the hall to simmer, and I think I was sweating in undesirable places.

Samantha wondered why I had been so shocked to see her.  I didn’t know what to ask first.

“I went to the beach yesterday,” I started.  A bit rattled, I continued, “and I knew I saw something strange.  Was that your blood, or better yet, is this your blood?” I pointed at the stains in my sketchbook.

“Well, yeah, I’ve been a little sick these days,” she responded, but those dark eyes turned away from me.  She was hiding something.

“I can tell, your voice is a bit raspy, but I don’t think coughing up blood means you’re a little sick,” my fear was still lingering, but I hid it well.

“Well, I mean, it’s a health condition that passed from my parents.  That’s none of your business though.  Look, I gave you back your art note—”

“You still have your medical bracelet on,” What is she hiding from me? I thought.

She looked down at her wrist, “I—I really did get sick recently.  I went to the hospital, and they let me go after putting me on medication.  So, now that you know everything about me, I’d like to know why you were staring at me before I gave your book to you.”

I let out a sigh, knowing that I had a hell of a lot to explain, “You see, the thing is...I’ve seen you before.”

Samantha looked at me with intrigue, “Really? Think you can remember where?”

“It a dream, the day before last.  That’s why I was a bit freaked out when I saw you.”

“That’s...strange.  What happened in the dream?”

“Forget it, you probably think I’m crazy as it is.”

“Hey, we’re all a bit weird sometimes, now tell me.”

I let out another deep sigh, knowing I would have to tell Samantha what I saw that night, “Well, you see, you were kinda...setting everything on fire.”

Her dark, piercing eyes widened in fear, like she knew what I was talking about, “Wow, that’s...that’s really weird. Haha. Well, I think I should be going.” The fear in her eyes concealed itself behind a giggle, and Samantha turned and started walking away quickly.  

She was hiding something, and I was exhausted from her lying. I wanted to know the whole truth, right now.  I proceeded to walk towards her, “Hey! Wait!”

“Um, you should probably go back to class. Gotta go!” she turned the corner and started running down the hall, and I pursued.  I hated my history class anyways.

The End

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