Bunker of SafetyMature


I haven't been able to get "Fire Girl" out of my head for the last three days.  She has been consuming my thoughts, making it nearly impossible for me to concentrate on anything.  Up till now I thought for sure that she must be someone who lives in the boarding house.  I've even gone to some of the social functions in the house in the hopes of finding her but the more days pass the more sure I am that I will never see her again.

Then one day as I'm leaving my room to head to the store I see her coming up the stairs.  She freezes on the stairs when she sees me and all I can do is smile weakly as I suddenly realize that I don't know what to say.  How do you start the I've-got-crazy-abilities-too conversation?  And is that even a conversation I want to have.  She starts to move past me but I move to block her path realizing even as I do so that I'm being nearly as obnoxious as she was just the other day.

"I've been looking for you."  I say and then realize that sounds creepy and add "I never really got your name." 

She smiles and shakes her head, "It's Sam."  She says in a raspy voice.

"Are you ok?"  I ask.

She looks at me curiously as if determining whether she can really trust me and then looks around the hall to see if there's anyone else around.  "If you must know I burnt my throat...badly."

"Oh, I'm sorry," I say realizing that this is probably an effect of her abilities.  I want to tell her the truth but the thought makes me so nervous that my hands are beginning to tremble.  "I'm sorry," I say again and step out of her way.  "I just wanted to know."  She looks at me oddly and she probably thinks I'm standing with one foot in the nut house.  Truth be told, I'm wondering the same thing.  

Sam continues down the hallway and knocks on Jake Vatra's door and I hurry down the stairs not wanting to spend another moment in this place.  I run down the street as fast as my legs will take me.  The shakes are traveling up my arms now and I can't seem to calm myself enough to get them to stop.  I run until I find myself at an old abandoned building.  I come here often when I want to be alone.  The place used to be part of a military bunker and the walls are supposedly reinforced enough to withstand a nuclear blast.  It's the safest place in this town for someone as dangerous as me. 

I race into the building and push the large door behind me finally before finally stopping.  I try to calm my breathing but I know I'm already too worked up to stop it.  The shakes have already moved into my feet and I can feel the ground trembling beneath my feet.  I close my eyes but I can still hear the rumble of the earthquake I am creating and can feel the room shaking.  I fall into a fetal position begging it to stop, I don't want to be a monster any more I don't want this to continue.  I want it to go away.

After a few minutes it finally does and I unwrap myself with tears streaming down my face to examine my surroundings.  The walls still look intact but a crack now travels across about a three feet of the wall across from me.  A foot more than the last time.

I wait a few more minutes before I stand up to move toward the door.  If this Sam girl is going to get me this worked up then it's best that I just get her out of my head.  I can't tell her my secret, I can't allow her to ever be my friend.  There's a reason that I'm alone and the growing crack in the bunker wall is testament to that fact.  It's best that I just forget Sam.

The End

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