I had been flying for hours above the clouds. The sun grazed my skin as my body moved at a bone-crushing speed, but a thin layer of air protected my body as I ran from my pursuers. At this rate I'd have at least one day until they caught up.

I scanned the ground for a safe place to sleep for the night and found a town that seemed a reasonable size. I eased up on the wind and slowly descended a few thousand feet. When I landed I looked around to see if anyone had saw me, but it seemed like I was in the clear. I walked into the town square that seemed small and headed straight for the nearest pharmacy store.

"What color should I dye my hair now?" I quietly asked myself. It had been a month since I had last dyed my hair and new pictures of me had been posted. Changing my hair color was one of the small changes that had help me escape my captors, but I had gone through the spectrum and back. I shrugged as I picked a color that best matched my original hair, brown, grabbed a few blankets and a bag and left.

I continued to walk around the small town until I came to a fairly large building that seemed to be a boarding school. After scoping out the surroundings I decided that this was the perfect place to stay at for the night.

I flew up to the roof and settled in for the night. I pulled out the warm blankets and settled in one of the corners after sweeping away the dirt and leaves. I was safe for now, not hunted by anything or anyone.

The End

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