My Lake HomeMature


A mile and a half away from my house is my Sanctuary.  Well, at least, that’s what I like to think of it as.  I run there every morning, to the deep blue of my hometown: Lake Amity.  I wake up before sunrise every morning before school and watch its magnificence, as the vivid colors of dawn reflect in every ripple of the lake's deceptive blue.

This is more of a home than my own room.  I've made it a habit of coming here with my sketchbook, and I will sit in this quiet serenity and recall my dreams (from what little sleep I get) from the night before.  This dream, I could remember like it was real.  It blasted around my brain, depositing itself in every memory bank it could find.  I closed my eyes to see it one more time, and there was it was, laid out in front of me.

My pencil flew meticulously along the paper, as I exacted every single line carefully.  I had to leave a bit of pure white space surrounding the objects within it, because the majority of the landscape was empty space.  Really, the only thing that I could see in that seemingly empty world was...a girl.

Every feature was a line to be drawn, and I let my hand take the reigns.  The girl had wavy black hair, like the ripples of Lake Amity, that reached to her shoulders.  She had heavy black makeup over her eyes to complement the hair, yet contrast her pale complexion.  I drew every little freckle that sat on her cheeks, and every crack in her fingernails.   

In my dream, her piercing eyes grimaced at me.  Suddenly, sparks flew from her skirt, and flames ignited around her.  An inferno wrapped around us, and the flames closed in on me.  I remember pain, genuine pain as the fire engulfed my body.

I opened my eyes, and I was submerged in water. I had fallen asleep imagining my dream, and ran into the lake to douse the imaginary flames.  Maybe I ought to sleep longer at night.  Knowing that I was in the lake, I took a glance at the bottom.  It was a good hundred feet at the deepest point, and I was about 25 feet under.  

I thought to myself, Shouldn't I be panicking?

Then I realized, I was in the lake, but I wasn’t drowning.

The End

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