Another Like Me!Mature


Are my eyes deceiving me or did I really see what I think I just saw?  The girl stares at me with wide eyes that look very much like a deer in the headlight, a look that tells me that my eyes were no deceiving me at all.  This girl, whoever she is, just made those candles burst into flame.   

I look around the room thankful that no one else seems to have noticed, as if their noticing would somehow reveal my powers as well.  I realize that the tremors in my hands that have not left me all night are now working their way up my arms, forcing me to ball my hands into fists to steady them.  I realize that if I continue to stand here I may reveal myself as well and so I decide to continue on my way as if this girl was nothing out of the ordinary.  

I push open the door on my way back to my room only to have the girl follow me. "Wait,"  She calls after me, but I don't wait.  People are still milling in the halls and I do not intend on having this conversation among them.  

I'm surprised when she continues to follow me up the stairs toward my room.  I must admit I'm surprised at her determination.  Whenever anyone sees my abilities I usually run, of course usually there's more of a disaster to run from in my case.

I stop at the top of the stairs and turn toward her. "Is there a reason you're following me?"

She stares at me in shock for a moment then takes a step toward me and says, "I know you saw me."

"I didn't see anything you didn't want me to see.  Now please leave me alone."  The tremors are spreading down to my feet soon and I know if I don't calm down soon she'll be able to feel the next phase too.

"Don't you want some kind of explanation?  Maybe it's not as freaky as you think?"

I turn to look at her and take her in for the first time.  She's not much younger than me wearing a short dark blue dress with black boots.  Her hair is jet black as is most of her makeup and even her nails.  But it's the look in her brown eyes that draw my attention.  A look that I have seen in the mirror on many occasions.  The look of fear: fear of being discovered, fear of being rejected because of that discovery and the desperation to explain it all away as illusion or too much alcohol.

I try to give her a reassuring smile.  "I would never ask a magician to tell her secrets."  I turn to head to my room then, leaving her baffled on the staircase.  As soon as I'm in the safety of my room I light the candle by the door and breathe in the calming aroma.  I kick off my flats and grab a honey rice cake before plopping into my chair and taking a deep breath.

It's only then as I sit and watch the light from the flame dance on the wall that it truly hits me.  There's someone else out there with powers.  Another like me!  It seems impossible to think that there might be someone out there who might understand me.  Someone out there who I can really relate with.  And to think, I didn't even catch her name.

The End

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