The Battle of the ElementsMature

Four teenagers discover that they have elemental powers.


I stared at the piece of cardboard, as I had been doing for the past half an hour. There wasn't even a wisp of smoke to show for it. I didn't know what I was doing wrong - I could only set things alight when I didn't intend to. Annoying.

Earlier, I had been looking in the mirror of my dresser when the new candles, still in their packaging, had lit spontaneously and rolled off onto the floor. Melted wax and plastic had splattered on my carpet. I hadn't bothered cleaning it up. 

Feeling my body start to heat up, I pulled my hair into a high ponytail, securing the back strands with about ten hair grips. The spontaneous combustion of things close to my body meant that my hair could never be any longer than shoulder length, it being so flammable and all. 

Nobody knew why it happened. When my mum took me to the doctor about it, he was as confused as we were. In fact, I think he got all the other doctors in the surgery to check me over before they all agreed that there was nothing medically wrong with me and I should just "be careful" and that I probably shouldn't tell lots of people about it. Just to be on the safe side.

"Sam, dinner's ready!" 

"Coming!" I looked momentarily away from my cardboard and when I looked back, it burst into flames in my hand. 

Luckily, this weird ability came with enhanced burn protection, so all I felt was a warm sensation where the fire touched. I carried it across the room and put it out of the window.

"Sam, now please!"

"I'm coming!" 

On my way downstairs, my palm started stinging, but I thought nothing of it until I sat down at the table and my mum casually remarked that she'd told me I'd come up in blisters if I carried on.

I looked at my hand. She was right. Blisters everywhere. Painful, too. 

"We'll take you to Dr Samuels after you've eaten," she said. 

The End

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