Flocker and Son Premium Flesh Ltd.

Flocker and Son had been opened by a Sir Edward Flocker in the days following Armageddon. The demand for flesh had grown staggering, the black market thriving with tainted flesh grown in putrid tubes- and this flesh was in turn, contributing to the steady demise of the human race.

The reason for this demise was lengthy, and yet undeniably simple.

In the years following the agreement between the middle eastern countries to attempt to overthrow the American government in hope of securing the ability to openly use nuclear weaponry in warfare; a gas had been deployed which had caused the mutation of human DNA to such an extent, that the flesh around the infected body melted away, and all that was left was muscle encasing bone, and the infected left in excruciating pain.

The infected were left in this agonizing pain without sanctuary until they eventually died, which was an excruciatingly slow process.


The first flesh was born on the fifth day of Armageddon.

This flesh was grown in a secluded laboratory in the outer limits of the American planes, and was grown to replace the melted flesh on the infected human.

The flesh was skinned, and this skin transferred onto the body of the infected, with the assistance of industrial strength antibiotics and a lot of time spent under melting hot light, under extreme pressure.

The first attempt failed.

The skin did not take to the body, and both flesh and infected died under the same skinless conditions.

The first successful flesh transplant was carried out three days later, by doctor, Edward Flocker.


The giants of America- Flocker being one of them- became aware of this staggering demand, and for a price, began growing premium flesh.

Flocker and Son premium flesh ltd. Had officially opened on the 18th of July, 2057; and in the meager seven days it had been open, over fifty thousand flesh had graced its door.

And yet despite the ever increasing provision of flesh, the disease mutated itself beyond control and more and more artificial meat was being grown in rancid conditions. Five flesh to a single growing pod was expected, and thus, quality was dropping.

The expansion of the disease was rapid, uncontrollable, and perilous.

The flesh would only sustain the population for a year-maximum-before Plan Theta would need to be enacted.

The extermination of the undesirables.

The End

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