The offer

I stared quizzically at the cat. "What?" The cat asked.

"Um... you're a cat. Cats don't talk," I stated.

"Yes. Well done. I am a cat and they don't normally talk. Any guard of the Batet has been given the gift to talk," The cat purred sacrcastically.

"Okay... so how can you help?" I asked.

"I can get you out, but it ma take some time," The cat grinned (if cats can grin), "But only if you help me..."

"How can I help you?" I asked again, getting rather bored of this conversation.

"Once you are free, I shall come with you and you shall look after me. If you stop, I shall tell the Bastet and have you put in and unbreakable cell," The cat purred. I sat back on the bed and thought. "What's an unbreakable cell?" I asked.

"It's a cell that gives you only mouldy bread and water to stay alive on and is the most uncomfortable place to be. Trust me, it is," The cat explained calmly.

"And say... Do you rescue many people?" I questioned.

"Yes, but so far no-one is right. They kept forgetting to put out my milk so I took them back to the cells to be practically tortured," Sniggered the cat.

"You think torturing people is funny?" I gasped.

"Well, if I don't like the person that's been tortured, then, it's okay." The cat seemed to grin again.

I worried if I shoud agree or not.

The End

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