The Bastet

I wake up in a strange room. I'm lost and confused. Faint memories of bright yellow eyes and slashing claws echoed silently through my mind.

Where am I? What am I doing here?

Chapter 1

I awoke in a strange room. The bed beneath me was uncomfortable. I stared gloomily up at the grey ceiling. Faint memories of yellow eyes and slashing claws flooded back way to quickly and I sat up, heart racing. The room was plainer than the ceilng. My bed was the only thing in the room, other than the door. Suddenly a message board in the corner caught my eye. Slowly, I stumbled towards it. It read 'Welcome 20893' and I guessed that that number was now my name. Suddenly the message on the board changed: 'You have been brought here as prisoner of the Bastet.'

I fainted. 

The End

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