One day a man wearing a backpack accidentally hit a woman in the Harvester Pub in Beehive Lane.

"That man hit me with his bag said the woman".

The man Bernard Tismansion, the man whose bag laid into someone sitting on the table in front, was with a group of people from the Duckpond Day Centre in Clarence Avenue.

He had come here for a meal.

The member of staff in charge said that the bombardment off another customer was an accident.

"He did it on purpose that man, why don't you send him somewhere else"?

Immediately the woman with her husband walked out and was about to hit the basher but was stopped from doing so by the member of staff.

This incident put Bernard Tismansion off his food and when served ate hardly anything all because of the woman who was hit by the man's bag.

he immediately paid and darted out of the restaurant and ended up walking down th street looking downwards, taking no interest in anything.

In fact he walked home because he couldn't be bothered with buses because they contained people.

And, when he finally got home rushed up to his flat and pulled both his computer and television out of the wall sockets because of the woman in the restaurant who had a go at him for hitting him with his bag.

In fact he had no supper because of the hostilty from that woman who got hit with a rucksack.

At night he slept on the floor because he was no good for anything.

the man did not eat anything for two days.

he was off his hobbies for two weeks.

The End

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