The Baroque,and her Chinese adventure.


We sailed out of the darkness,drifting upon  a change of the tide,our sails lazy and slovenly against the vexatious wind. No sign of an imperail man-o-war,nor a cloud to block the stars,our vessel fat in the water,her belly filled with rich contra-band.

      By all accounts we should be men of immense contentment,but still we yearned for open waters,and strong winds at our backs,ever since that strange unnerving experience some weeks before,and each man who made up the crew could not be certian we had fulfilled our obligations.

            These men,these companions of mine,were not men who became unsettled easily,for each of us had a hefty price upon our heads,each of us seen and participated in deeds that true gentlemen wouod not align themselves with.Though we were made up of cut-throats,drunkards,womanisers,sharp shooters,handy all with blade and hatchet,we still had a sense of honour,dignity and a wayward honesty about us.

      Allow me to retrace that which has past,so you dear reader,may have a better understanding of our current situation. First let me introduce you to our ship,'The Baroque',named after the Portuguese term for the perticular beauty,of a deformed,eneven pearl,through which intense emotion,and dark fantasy may be glimpsed. She is fast, agile,and deadly,with her many cannons down her flanks ,and stern. 

The End

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