Chapter 6

Monteverde Cottage — Braganza, Portugal — June, Present Day

   At the first moment that she could, Adriana Paulos took a cautious step past her picket-fence. The wind had picked up slightly and the sunlight suddenly had a more smothered look about it that she did not like at all. Was she nervous? Oh, yes, she was nervous. She was very nervous in fact. However, this did not stop her from continuing with her the day and, one-by-one, check off different tasks that she needed to do on her planned itinerary. 

In her head she went over a mental checklist of things to do...and yet as she was doing that very action, there was a certain cold-bloodedness about the inhuman mechanical reaction that she was having.

She was trying to ignore the fear...the very incumbent thought came to the forefront of her mind. What was she afraid of exactly? She didn't know yet.

The End

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