Birth of a Bard

A lovely and ornate basket was carried to the edge of the river. It was early, sunrise was just starting. Here the incredibly beautiful woman carrying it paused, looking from the basket to the river to the bundle she carried in her other hand. It was spring time, and the hair was heavy with the fragrance of flowers and new life. The river itself was deep and fast from the winter thaw. The woman placed the basket beside the river and then uncovered her bundle, which had begun to squirm. Inside was a small baby boy. 

The boy, although still a small baby, had a full head of auburn colored hair. His eyes were a piercing blue, and seemed to read into the very soul of the person he looked at. The woman began to tear up a little, and a few dropped onto the boy. He laughed a little, not realizing fully what was going on. The woman smiled at the sound of his voice, but yet more tears came because of it. 

With a deep, soul-shaking sigh, the woman placed the child into the basket. Then, as she began to whisper a beautiful and powerful lullaby, she placed the basket in the river. At once it was taken up by the current, and began to flow away. The woman walked along the bank for some time, keeping up with the basket, still singing her song. The tears flowed freely now, but her voice showed no sorrow, and her song still rang out. The sound was comforting to the boy, and he soon found deep slumber. When she reached the edge of her valley, she stopped, but the basket continued on its way.

Now openly sobbing, the woman turned and ran, afraid that if she stayed any longer, she wouldn't be able to leave. It was nighttime when she returned to her village. She gazed up at the stars, wondering just where her baby was. Far from the village, at the wide and powerful mouth of the river, the basket flowed into the sea. The same stars that watched over the mother also watched over the son. A gentle current soon picked up the basket, and the boy was sent on his way.

Days passed, and the boy slept on. The sleep was a blessing and a gift from his mother, perhaps the greatest thing she could have given him. The lullaby would protect him, and let him sleep so he would be free from fear. It wasn't long until he reached the realm of man. The basket floated straight into an old fishing boat, making a barely audible thunk. However, the noise was enough to alert the fisherman on the boat, and he rushed over, fearing that he may have grounded himself on a sandbar or a rock. When he saw the basket he was surprised, and at once scooped up the basket.

As soon as the man opened it, the baby awakened, and began to cry at once. The man did his best to soothe the child, and was mildly successful. He knew his prayers had finally been answered. He and his wife of 8 years finally had the child that they had failed to achieve so many times before. So the gods were not deaf to mankind, as the man had begun to think. At once he turned his boat around and set off to the village that he called home.

He didn't know exactly how blessed he and his new family was. In time he would discover it, but for now, he was simply overjoyed by his discovery. He knew his wife would be too.

The End

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