the Bankers daughter

a story with a twist

George Brimley sat at his kitchen table eating a slice of toast, dressed in his suit and tie, reading the newspaper. His daughter came down stairs and started to eat her bowl of coco pops and milk on the table. "Good morning Sophie" said george, "morning dad, what are you doing today?" said Sophie, George smiled glad that hi daughter was in a good mood today, "I'm going to work, then i'm going to see your mum, now that she is allowed visitors again, where are you off to?" replied George, "i am going out shopping with my friends today, after school, which reminds me, can i have some money?" asked Sophie, George frowned and grumbled "i already gave you some money yesturday, and you spent it all, so you will have to make do without money today" Sophie did not want to hear that, she shouted somthing rude and stormed out of the house, presumanbly to school. George sighed and left the house aswell to go to work. When he got to work he parked his car in his normal spot and went through the big, large, wooden doors that led to the bank, "morning Sarah, morning Mary" he bellowed as he passed the reception desk. "morning sir" giggled the two receptionists. He chuckled to himself and sat down at his desk, he had began to fiddle with some paperwork when all of a sudden there was a scream from the reception desk and George got up to investigate, their was a tall figure standing infront of the desk, dressed from head to toe in black. The person had their face hidden and was holding a gun pointed at Sarah and Mary at the desk, and was demanding for money and Mary hastily went to the vault but the robber seemed to know the bank too well and new that there was an emergancy phone in the vault and instead took the wallets from everyone in the room including George, then ran to the exit. Everyone was shocked at what had just happened and George was the first to call the police, they got there really quickly and the whole place was very quickly full of policemen and detectives all investigating and asking questions, no one could tell how the robber new about the phone in the vault. and soon the police sent everyone home whilst they continued the investigation. George drove home, parked his car on the drive and went inside his house. His daughter must have already got home from shopping because there was a pile of shopping bags on the floor, which was very strange as George had not give and money to Sophie for shopping with her friends. Sophie came downstairs smiling, saw the puzzeled look on George's face and said "don't worry dad i got somthing for you too!" she stuck her hand in one of her shopping bags and pulled out a brown, leather wallet and handed it to her dad with care. George opened it up and found his credit cards (no money) and his driving licence all inside where they usually were, Sophie smiled at her dad and skipped upstairs. George looked down at his wallet and sighed at a small photo of his wife "just like er mum" he mumbled and walked out the door.

The End

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