The Smoker of Reeds

Some of my friends call me Jellybean or Jill or some other crazy object. I am known as The Smoker of Reeds because in my band class, it always looks like I'm smoking my reed. I'm a clarenetist(I don't know how to spell!). I'm not has a heavy smoker as the Saxes though. A boy named Gabe, everyone calls him Gaberiel because he acts like a girl sometimes, is the weirdest boy I have EVER IN MY LIFES SEEN!

I have the weirdest friends too.

Once I was walking into The Band Room, and I saw Iwana jumping on top of some boy.

"Iwana! Your gonna kill him!" yelled Non-Smoker and I. I think we all know who Non-Smoker is. Wink wink.

The End

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