Q of F (Queen of Flutes)

                    I am the Queen of the Flutes. Also known as the Royal Chicken (that's because when Mr. B says no pecking I turn to the closest person and peck them with my nose. I know he only means no playing out of turn.), or Mr. Presidents Officially Unofficial Bodyguard. Most people call me Queen of the Flutes though. I play the flute.

              The bell rang. I the Saxaloonist's friend, left the class room and headed to my locker as quick as I could. I hate my last period. Being quick at my locker, I headed to the band room to pick up my instrument. Weird things always happen in there. It's never on purpose, but it always happens.

                 I pulled my flute out of the locker. It goes in my backpack right after that, then I either put my backpack on or I put it down. It depends on the day. Earlier that day I had told some one I don't like whom I shall call the Royal Annoyance, that I can bribe anyone with sugar. He didn't believe my until I pulled out my Creme Saver. Now I discovered I can practically enslave Mr. President and his body guards with it. The Witness calls it the energy of the universe, or something like that. I think she will explain it better.

            I pulled out my Creme Saver and like 30 people came over and begged. The Royal thief stole it twice. Later two trombones were fighting with trombone slides. It was funny. Vonederhouzen (I don't know how to spell it either.) was fun to talk with. Then we had to leave. It was sad. Oh well.

The End

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