Q of F: The creme saver

         So now that we have introduced The Creme Saver, I shall tell you what I do with it. I have a habit of getting Mr. President to do what I say with it. I'm not sure why. He must love Creme Savors. (It's a favorite candy in the band room I guess). Maybe I can get the Saxaloonist to do some thing.

      "Hey Guanna!" (for that is what I call the Saxaloonist at times) " will you attack the non-smoker?" I asked showing her the creme savor. She jumped off of a chair and on to him. Then ran over to me and stole the creme savor. I frowned. "Give it back!"

         "No!" She shouted laughing. She started to run. So naturally, I chased her. Finally I caught up to her.

        "Please?" I asked her.

         "No." she said smiling. I grabbed for it. She pulled away. I grabbed for it again. Finally I successfully got it out of her hand.

      "Yea!" I laughed. "I stole it from you!"

        "Ya." She said laughing as well.

       "Shall we go?" I asked.

       "Sure." she replied.

      "Hey Witness. Are you coming?" I asked The Witness.

    "Yes. Until tomorrow strange Band Room." She said.

      I laughed then looked around. "See you Mr.President! See you every one else!" I called across the room.

    "Adue." He said bowing. Together the Saxaloonist, The Witness, The Smoker of Reeds, and I all left.

The End

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