The Band Room (Based on true stories)

My friends and I decided to share our wacky adventures that we have almost every day after school in the same room. The Band Room.

The Saxaloonist

The bell rang for school to end and my friend and I quickly exited our last class. We went to her locker (since I hardly ever have to go to mine) and I told her I would meet her in the Band Room.

I walked down the crowded hall and into the room where crazy things happen every day.

The Band Room.

Once in the room I set my things on the closest chair and went over to the closest band buddy I could find. We talked and went crazy for a minute then Mr. President (he is the president of our band class) and his two bodyguards entered and the Royal Assassin. You see Mr. President came up with all these names for most of us. Like I'm the Royal Thief for example. I tend to have the habit of opening Mr. President's backpack and grabbing something then quickly find the safest place to hide it.

I walked over to Mr. President and his bodyguards.

"Hey guys!" I said

"Hello Iguana." said the Royal Assassin. Most of my friends call me that. Then my friends came into the room. One of them is not it the band and in this story she we call her The Witness. We joked around and began talking and today had been a day with a lot of music playing so I had this song from Veggietales playing about belly buttons. I started singing it then my friend Vonederhousen (I'm not sure how you spell it) began singing it with me.

I noticed then that Mr. Presidents locker was still open because he has a friend that knows his combo and she had opened it and was playing with his drumsticks and pad (a drum pad) so I walked over and attempted to steal one of the drumsticks but then his friend bit me!

Seriously though. The Band Room can be a dangerous place. Especially at Simon Dork Jr High. (that's not really what it's called)

The End

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