The Band of Brothers Curse - Part VIMature

“So, does this mean I’m not gonna die again?”

The 7 of them all looked at each other, while J^(2) shifted awkwardly. How was it possible to know if the curse had been lifted?

“You know guys,” said Misha Collins, “...surely dying in various roles doesn’t mean you’re cursed. I mean, it’s not even a coincidence, you audition for the roles, most of which have been adapted from books so you know if they die or not...”

“Misha!” exclaimed Jensen. “Where the hell’d you come from?!”

Misha turned to face Jensen. “I am the overlord, Jensen. I gain power from my twitter followers. I can apparate wherever I want to, and when I saw that you’d left to go to Belgium, how could I not follow...”

“You can apparate-

“You know guys, he has a point,” interrupted Scott. “I mean, maybe we were never cursed, maybe we just like to choose the most heartbreaking roles to cause physical pain to our 12-24 year old introvert fans-“

“Shut it, Grimes. You’ve never had any emotionally traumatizing scenes-”

“Well, I’m the one who got you all paranoid about this, and I’m sorry, but for the last 11 years, I think we’ve all been overreacting. I mean, you, Andrew, you should have known Moriarty would die. And when in a film called Dead Bodies, I mean what did you expect?”


“And you, James. Have you ever even read Atonement? And Michael, of course you’d die in Hunger, I mean, it’s a film about the Irish hunger strike protests, what the hell did you expect?”

“So,” Jared paused practising his sturgeon face to say, “you made us catch a plane, right in the middle of filming the return of Cas, so we could dig up a German paratrooper who never even cursed y-"

Before he could finish his sentence, Richard Speight magically conjured up a can of Pepsi Max from nowhere and threw it at his head.

They all stood there awkwardly again. Finally, James said:

“Well this was all a bit pointless, wasn’t it?”


The End

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