The Band of Brothers Curse - Part VMature


“Dick, you do realise we’re not actual hunters, right?”

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles had arrived 24 hours later, completely out of place and carrying stolen props from on set.

“It’s good you caught us while in Vancouver,” said Jensen, “or else we wouldn’t have any of this crap.”

“Yeah, and more importantly, it’s not real...

11 years ago, all the actors would have agreed that curses and ghosts or whatever weren’t real, but they had all been affected by the Nazi curse and were gonna try everything to get rid of it.

“You’re lucky you’re the Pepsi Max guy, the only reason I’m here is so that I can get free Pepsi Max for life,” said Jared.

And at that, they started digging. As actors, they weren’t actually that good at digging a six foot hole in the ground, and doing it in a war memorial felt even more out of place. However, having a six-foot moose helping them was certainly an advantage.

“Okay, so before we light him, you want me to stare at this lighter meaningfully, right?” said Jared.  

“Just fucking set fire to him so we can get out of here,” exclaimed McAvoy. He just wanted to get home to his and Fassbender’s flat.

And at that, with all 9 men crowded around the grave, Jensen did his signature pouring of the salt, and Jared was able to stare at the flame just for a second before throwing it onto the body.

It wasn’t quite as magnificent as in Supernatural, and now they had to re-bury the body... something they had no idea how to do.

“So,” said Damian, “do you guys feel any different...”


The End

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