The Band of Brothers Curse - Part IVMature

"Okay then guys, let's do it."

Speight, Fassbender, McAvoy, Grimes, Lewis, Hardy and Andrew Scott were all assembled in the Belgium airport. Scott Grimes had a map, and Speight held what looked like a picture of a German memorial...

"So, you're certain that the 'spiritual German' died in the Battle of the Bulge?" asked Fassbender. Fassbender had been one of those who had spent countless days filming in the cold snow in the UK, and therefore had at least a brief idea of how the 101st Airbourne had felt.

"Yeah, where Skip died..."

At this, Richard and Scott glanced at eachother. During production they had built up a friendship very similar to that of the actual Sgt. Warren 'Skip' Muck and TSgt. Donald Malarkey. Malarkey's scenes without Muck hadn't required that much acting...

"Okay, well, seeing as I'mTechnical Sergeant, I'll lead us. Speight, congratulations, I'm promoting you to my... back-up TSgt. Y'know, seeing as we're the only Americans here..."

In hindsight, hiring so many British actors for an America mini-series now seemed slightly odd to them.

"Come to think of it, why are most of us here today British?"

"Probably because we're the favourite actors of a random British 16-year-old girl who is writing this?"



They began to navigate their way through Belguim, catching various coaches and trains until they reached Bastogne. They reached a giant field where thousands of white crosses stuck up from the ground. This was where they'd traced the 'spiritual German's' body to.

"Um," said McAvoy, " when we do find his body... what are we supposed to do to lift the curse again...?"

A moment of silence. Then...

"So what you're saying is..." chirped up Speight, "is that you need experts on banishing evil spirits and curses?"

And before anyone could say anything, he grabbed his phone out of his pocket and quickly called someone on speed dial.

"Hey guys, how fast can you get to Belguim..."


The End

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