The Band of Brothers Curse - Part IIIMature

So after years of trying, Black Sky Radio was finally able to reassemble various cast members for the Band of Brothers Roundtable, in October 2011. It was finally coming to an end, with their last night on air, tonight’s interviewees being Rene Moreno, Scott Grimes and Richard Speight Jr.

“So, Speight, got any funny stories you can remember?” said Ross Owen excitedly down the phone to Speight, who had just finished production on Three Blind Saints.

“Well, and I’m sure Scott remembers this one... there was this story on set about a Nazi curse...

All around the globe, many of the old cast had tuned in. Some, like McAvoy, had thought of this curse pretty much every day since the event. Others, such as Tom Hardy or Kirk Acevodo, hadn’t even thought about it... until now.  

“Wow! Tell us more about that, Richard!”

As both Speight and Grimes recalled their tale of the spiritual German, the memories came flooding back to everyone else, and suddenly they realised, they had been affected by it.

“Of course, it’s all a load of crap,” said Grimes, “well... seeing as I spent the rest of my career being a voice actor, I guess it can’t really affect me. Although Steve Smith does have an awful relationship with his dad, and his closest friend is an alien stolen from the CIA...”

“I’ve met up with a few other actors since then,” cut in Speight, not caring to listen to Scott’s ramblings about American Dad!, “and they said they’ve definitely had some trouble with it. In fact I’m meeting up with some of them this weekend, so if any of you others out there are listening, we could really use your help...”


The End

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