The Band of Brothers Curse - Part IIMature

"JAMES, JAMES, IT'S ME, FASSBENDER!" James recalled, and the whole audience laughed. Both James and Michael remembered the day when Michael chased him down the road on his Vespa, trying to get James to realise it was him, and he was actually Irish, not American. James was laughing along with everyone else, but inside he was thinking of something else, something he'd been thinking about for 10 years now, and was finally gonna find out what Michael thought.

The interview ended and all the lights went down. Michael got up from his seat and went backstage, with James following behind him.

"Thanks for the interview, guys, you were brilliant. And I loved the film..." but James wasn't listening. He quickly brushed off one of the many interviewers he'd had this week, he'd forgotten what her name was, it was all turning into one big blur, but he was happy to be spending all this time with Michael and sharing all of their hilarious stories on set.

James pulled Michael aside and, quietly so noone could hear them, muttered, "the Nazi curse..."

Michael started. "W-what?"

"Do you remember it? 'The Nazi Curse', Speight called it. How all of our characters always die?"

Michael shifted uncomfortably. "I... thought he was joking." He laughed, but it sounded forced, and he wasn't able to look James in the eyes.

James noticed this, and eyed him suspiciously. "So you believe it?"

"Well," Michael had decided to direct this conversation at the floor, "I mean, not all of our characters have died, but... I mean... they've all had pretty crap lives..."

"Yes, exactly!" James exclaimed, then quickly checked to make sure noone had heard him, and he lowered his voice again, "I agreed to Charles Xavier mainly because, I mean, he can't die, because he dies in The Last Stand. Like, I know they're just completely ignoring that film, and also X-Men Origins: Wolverine..."

"Get to the point, James."

"Well, I couldn't die in the film, but they did make him have the most heartbreaking paralysis scene... ever? If I was a 12-24 year old female introvert who spent most of their time blogging about fictional characters, I'm pretty sure I'd cry every time I watched that scene... or even the whole film..."

"It's not like... all of your characters have died..."

"Robbie? Mr Tumnus got stolen by the bloody queen and turned into stone for most of the film. Wesley was trained to murder his own father. Even Brian, his dad died and-"

"James, don't you think you're over-reacting?"

James looked away from him, and watched the interviewer talking to some cameraman the other side of the room. "Yeah. Maybe..."


The End

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