The Band of Brothers CurseMature

Richard excitedly tells his co-stars of a great, long-lost secret, which will affect all of their future characters dramatically...
(Rated as 'Mature' because there's like... one swear word in it. DAMN YOU JAMES MCAVOY AND YOUR SCOTTISH NATURE!)

Richard Speight Jr ran over from where he was talking to Ron, and sat down next to Scott. “Guys, guys... guess what!?” he said excitedly.

“What is it?” said Michael Fassbender, not breaking his American accent. James McAvoy, who had just flown in for his one episode, smiled at him, not realising that Michael was actually Irish, which would make for a fantastic story involving Vespa’s in 5 years time. McAvoy felt a great connection to Fassbender, and secretly hoped they could work together in the future.

Speight grinned mischievously, and said “I heard from Gomez, who heard from Hughes, that there’s some weird Nazi curse on us!”

At this, Michael and Scott exchanged bewildered looks, and James loudly exclaimed “Bullshit!”, not bothering to hide his intensely strong Scottish accent. Fassbender glanced his way, and smiled softly at him. He then turned to Andrew Scott, another Irish actor on set, who has finished filming the day before. “What do you think?”

Andrew turned to Speight. “Tell us more about this ‘curse’, Dick.”

“Well,” Speight replied, “apparently, when Easy took Carentan, there was a really spiritual German survivor-“

“And,” said Gomez, who had heard Richard telling the others, and rushed over, “he cursed Easy. Well, not them exactly...”

“He apparently said something along the lines of ‘may all future re-enactments of this Company be cursed’!” said Richard, cutting off Rick. “It means that all our lives as actors are doomed. That we’re all gonna die.”

“Well, everyone dies, don’t they?” replied Michael, who had just finished writing down his number for James, “so that’s not really much of a ‘curse’.”

At this, Damian approached them, and spoke in his ordinary British accent, surprising some of those who had not been fortunate enough to hear him break his accent before. “Yes, but he was specific about the future actors. Hughes reckons he means all of our future characters are gonna die...”


The End

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