Child Without A MotherMature

I sat in Nora’s room cradling Shiloh to my chest as she slumbered peacefully, completely unaware of her mothers’ death.

I watched her suckle on her thumb as she slept. God, she’s so innocent and young, she will never have the memories of her young mother.
She will never be able to hug her or get the motherly comfort from her, but despite that it doesn’t mean that she will ever be truly alone, Shiloh is the last thing that we have of Nora, we have the memories of her, but Shiloh has her newfound future ahead of her. I vowed that never will this child know the pain of loss; never will she be without the love and support. I will make her my child if need be.
“It feels so surreal. I miss her so much, that it hurts every time my heart beats.” I heard my mother speak from behind me. I sniffed and cleared my throat.

“I just want her to come home; sailing through the front door like nothing is nothing is wrong. Smile that smile she has and be Shiloh’s mother again. I want her back.” I sobbed. My mother rushed over to me and folded me within her embrace, taking extra care to be careful.
“I know, baby, I know.” My mother crooned softly in my ear.

“I want to be there when Lieutenant Malone catches the bastard. If I ever have the opportunity I will kill him slowly and make him suffer. He won’t know pain until I’m through with him” My father growled from behind my mother.

My mother and I relaxed slightly when my father’s arms encircled us, enclosing
us within his fatherly strength, shielding us from the world. I know that whenever my fathers around, we’re always safe and protected; we’re always loved and never forgotten. I sniffed back my tears and pulled away to hand over Shiloh to him. He took her with a watery smile and crooned to her softly.

“God, I was so mad when I found out she was pregnant, but now? I look at it as a gift, because we have Shiloh to remind us every day that we’re a family and that Nora was always our baby girl.” He took a deep shuddering breath.

“I forgive your sister for getting pregnant. I’d rather her be pregnant again then where she is now. I failed to protect my baby. How could I fail to save her? Why didn’t I know that something could’ve happened to her? Why did she have to be taken?” Jaspyn sobbed. My mother and I broke into tears as well. I pulled my asthma pump out of my pocket and took a puff, to regain my breath.

Gwen stood and swiped away her tears then turned on her heel and walked out of Nora’s bedroom. Jaspyn sighed and sat down next to me and stared intently down at Shiloh, still fast asleep and sucking on her tiny pink thumb.
“She’s going to miss Nora.” He whispered to me softly. I swallowed the lump that rebuilt inside my throat and furiously wiped at the tears that stained my cheeks.

I jumped to my feet and shoved my asthma pump back into my pocket.
“I need to go. I’ll call when I’m on my way home.” I said to my father as I hurried out of Nora’s room.

I walked into the lounge and halted at the sight of my mother. With her eyes glued to the TV, tears streaming down her cheeks and an inner fire dancing inside her blue eyes, she looked like the very personification of a mother’s grief. I sat down next to her and watched the latest news report. I felt my blood freeze and my heart started to pound, tiny pinpricks pierced through my foggy mind.

Another girl, same age as Nora, single shot to the head. She also had the same pale blonde hair, ocean blue eyes and voluptuous body; they both looked so much alike that if you were to put them next one another they would look as if they were twins.

The reporters didn’t reveal much more about the girls’ death but they didn’t have to. My mother and I knew that she too, had been horridly defiled after death. The though alone was enough to sicken me, enough to make me want to scream out in defiance and rage. I stood up and headed out to my car without a word to my mother.

I need to see the Nora has her justice. I will not rest until her killer is caught and behind bars or in this case concrete walls where he/she will never see the light of day again.

I unlocked my car and sat behind the steering wheel and pulled out a crumpled business card from my pocket and studied it through blurry eyes.  Memories of Nora played through my mind bring a pained smile to my face.

I dug through my bag, took out my cell phone and flipped it open and punched in the number from the card. I put the key in the ignition of the car and twisted it with my free hand. I tucked my phone against my and drove one handed through the busy streets toward the police station.

The End

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